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| image =
| image = MUSSEL.jpg
| caption = A hired mussel patrolling
| latin = ostreum mercenarium
| latin = ostreum mercenarium
| description = bivalvias for hire
| description = bivalvias for hire

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Monsters of Godville
Hired Mussel
ostreum mercenarium
A hired mussel patrolling
Class mollusc
Habitat anywhere they're paid
Description bivalvias for hire

The Hired mussle is an underwater mercenary.

Rule of the strong

The order of things below the waves is extremely vulnerable to any big underwater monster or beastie who perfectly could put the boot on the fishes and other weak creatures of the sea. Their only chance to survive and thrive is to congratiate with more docile monsters who would protect them.

The hired mussels are well trained hulking molluscs who will guard any place and protect any target in exchange for money, privilege and whatever shines really.

Anatomy of a mussle

This monsters are basically using their hard shells to deflect strikes. They move using the fibers that sprout in their shell. With them they crawl around places and feel their way around the water. They usually trap their foes inside them and consume them entirely.

Known employers

  • The Fish Bank near Los Adminos.
  • Oyster Inc. the company that manufactures the [Shellphone]].
  • The royal whale family, both official (Ocra) and in exile (Prince of Whales).

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Clad in chitinous armor
  • Strong shell grab
  • Intimidating eldritch beast


  • Terribly slow
  • Speechless
  • Glaring weak spot