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  | image = hired goons.png
  | image = hired goons.png
  | class = Thug
  | class = Thug
  | description = A greenish humanoid monster, that likes to steal valuables.
  | description = A greenish humanoid monster that likes to steal valuables.
  | habitat = Dark alleys, around larger Towns
  | habitat = Dark alleys, around large towns
  | totem = Goon Squad
  | totem = Goon Squad
== Basics ==
== Basics ==

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Monsters of Godville
Hired Goon
hired goons.png
Class Thug
Habitat Dark alleys, around large towns
Totem for Goon Squad ⚜️ 
Description A greenish humanoid monster that likes to steal valuables.


Hired Goons are large humanoid monsters, have greenish skin, a brutish stature and often are wearing leather armor. They live around larger towns within dark alleys. There is not much known about them, except for the most obvious facts. Hired Goons live together in groups that are called "gangs". These gangs consist of up to 7 members and like to attack passing merchants, stealing all of their valubles. Heroes that have fought them and survived a battle with a whole gang, have reported that they communicate in broken human language. Ever wondered why they are called Hired Goons? Word on the streets is, that they all get hired by *The Boss*. No one knows who that is or why he is doing what he is doing.


- Organized in combat: Hired Goons are dangerous enemies when in a gang. They may be dumb in general but they fight efficient when in their group.

- Thick skin: Hired Goons have a light resistance against heat and coldness, since they have to endure cold and warm weather a lot before finding a good place to settle down.


- Great physical strength (good for bludgeoning)

- Intimidating height


- Long/Mid range weapons (because they mainly use melee attacks in combat)

- Bad at hiding (due to their sheer size)

- Not the sharpest tool in the shed (this wont help them at quizzes at all)