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Monsters of Godville
Description Unknown

The hiphopopotamus, like trolls and hippopotamuses, like rivers. Unlike those creatures, however, hiphopopottomauses are quite willing to leave their rivers when they sense they are being threatened.

The hiphopopottamus is a centaur-like creature with a hippopotamus-like head and a four kangaroo-like legs. The hero, upon approaching a river, especially one which looks shallow enough to be forded, should be on the look out for this water hazard -- not from the water, but from the air.

A mature adult hiphopopottamus, with the help of its vestigial wings, is able to leap into the air remarkably fast. As one is distracted by the waterspout created by its leap, it is already descending down upon you. With its large feet, it does not have to be very accurate.

Like a cat, it tends to play with the hero, letting him/her escape momentarily to be stomped upon again and again, unless the hero plays dead (or dies) quickly.