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{{god|Morta}} - 6/28/14
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==Whispers From The Dark==
==Whispers From The Dark==

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Hidden Shadows Hidden Shadows.jpg

Hidden shadows
Motto: 'Hidden in the Light of Day' by Hairplug4men. Thank you for this motto.
Alignment: bright
Gold Fund: 24702 c.u.
Date Founded: 8/16/12
Membership Count: 65
Town with Greatest Influence: Los Adminos (4%%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 150
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 36
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 211
Forum Headquarters: Hidden shadows
Guild Page: Hidden shadows 
Data current as of 5/16/14

Hello! Welcome to Hidden Shadows Guild page. We ask that you please do not edit this page without permission. If you see something that needs editing please message Lady Shadows so that it may be fixed.

  • This guild is for those who wish to bring light... For we members know that for there to be light, there must be shadows.

How else can we know what we have overcome?

  • ✹ The black sun is our symbol. It represents light (the sun) and shadows (color). It shows that in any light, there are always shadows hidden somewhere. Any member of Hidden Shadows is welcome to copy and paste this into their motto.


Welcome to Hidden Shadows, a guild working on being pure good. Though we encourage future members to be good aligned we welcome and happily accept all. Our guild is small with big ideas, entertaining stories and amazing wonderful members, willing to help one another. Even though we aren't at the top of the Pantheons, we are rising every day. There isn't a day when Hidden Shadows doesn't improve!


Hidden Shadows guild is still considered new. What we members know of our past is muddled and hard to remember, Hence the name Hidden Shadows. Because of our small and hidden history, members are encouraged to look ahead at what can be done, not back to the past at what can't be changed.

A Little About The Founder

Lady Shadows

Hi everyone! I am Lady Shadows, I consider myself an active member in the guild who tends to be optimistic, energetic, unpredictable Idealistic and addicted to smilies.

I wanted a guild where members can all connect and build a stronger relationship with one another and I was given just that. I have a love for reading and creative writing which I try to incorporate in our guild forum and council. I enjoy a chance to increase leadership, knowledge of cultures, people and places around the world. My wish is to create a strong community where members are encouraged to achieve their goals, experience new things and challenge themselves to do things they haven't expected to do. When Hidden Shadows first started, I just wanted see how it would turn out. From what I remember of our past, I Believe it's doing pretty good! The credit goes to our amazing members and friends in the Godville Community.

Godville is worldwide; no one really knows each other, yet were all connected just... hiding behind a mask, or hidden in the shadows. ~Lady Shadows

Think You Might Join?

To convince your hero or heroine to join our guild simply send a voice that says:

Join "hidden shadows" guild!

If your hero/heroine listens he/she will embark on a quest to join us. If he/she is being stubborn and not listening try to send it again.

The best time's to send this quest are

  • when your hero's is resting
  • continuing quest
  • or just wandering

Do Not send the quest when your hero is fighting you will just be wasting your power.

Special Thanks

These gods and goddesses are not members, but have helped us to become who we are today
GodNaturalblondechick  This little birdie made this whole page possible. Hidden Shadows thank you.
GodGoddess Maka  I don't even know if Hidden Shadows would have even existed. Hidden Shadows thank you.
GodKagehime  Kage your have helped Hidden Shadows to grow so much.
 Even though you refused the title I always considered you my co-leader. 
 You will always be an Honorary member and should you come back, officer. 
                                     Thank You.

Our Wonderful Members

These are the most talkitive members in our Guild. When their on you never grow bored.
GodNo Life  GodHigh-One  GodLightchaos71  GodOblivionis Unun  GodDark nightmares 
GodAlphaOmega2  GodI Am Not God Jesus Is  GodMorta  GodEPS1l0N  GodWelovitz 
GodFrion  GodMotty  GodDragon Of Darkness  GodBaxDNB  GodSasha And Pasha 
GodLu Ying  GodStealtheh  Godgod name  Godgod name  Godgod name 

Hidden Shadows has decided on a set of titles to honor and acknowledge certain members. If anyone thinks that a certain member of Hidden Shadows deserves one of these titles, please post on our Forum page or contact Lady Shadows.

Leader of the Shadows - GodLady Shadows 

Gladiator of the Shadows -

Welcomer of the Shadows -

Jester of the Shadows -

Councilor of the Shadows - GodNo Life  -

Officers of the Shadows

Officer -GodDragon of Darkness -

Pure Good Members

These are our hardworking members who have achieved pure good!

GodKagehime  - 10/11/12 GodAlphaOmega2  - 2/20/14 GodLady Shadows  - 2/15/14 GodI Am Not God Jesus Is  - 5/16/14 GodBaxDNB  - 5/16/14 GodJoviaan  - 5/19/14 GodMorta  - 6/28/14 GodStealtheh  - 6/28/14 GodObscureone  - 6/28/14

Whispers From The Dark

There are rumors often whispered from member to member of something dark, perhaps dangerous, lurking in the deepest corners of hidden shadows guild.It is said that what ever it is... it is not meant to see the light of day. In fact rumors say darkness is the strength of its power. Each minute it becomes stronger, darker, more demanding... more dangerous. Some say it doesn't live in hidden shadows guild but that it is the very thing in which hidden shadows was born from. There is talk of a secret society dedicated solely to this dark. There are whispers from many of something called the Dark Sun. No one knows for sure, but many believe these are some of the dark sons members.

Members of the Dark Sons)
GodXalaria  GodSome English Bloke  GodThe Great Desdemona  GodPansy Gawd  GodThe great tum tum  
GodThijs  GodHigh-One  GodDragon Of Darkness  GodSyhellsyn  Godgod  
Godgod  Godgod  Godgod  Godgod  Godgod  

Inside The Guild

Living Room

The living room of the Hidden Shadows guild hall is very big. There are 5 huge, fluffy sofas that fit up to 10 people on one. Beside the sofas there are also 10 cushy bean bags. Everything in the room is either black, dark purple, light blue or bright yellow. The colors go together well. In front of the 80" plasma screen, there is a big, glass coffee table with a table cloth that has the Hidden Shadows insignia on it, the black sun. There are also black suns on he walls, which are one of the colors each. The TV is hooked up to 2 large stereos which makes a home theater. The LED lights will turn of at a clap of your hands (excellent for pranks).  There are 2 hallways and one winding staircase. One of the hallways  lead to the kitchen, the other leads to the library. The staircase leads to the bedrooms.


Libary 1.jpg
Libary 2.jpg

The Hidden Shadow's library has undergone a major renovation, its large circular layout and wide windows has stayed the same giving the room just the right amount of light. A chandelier and windows aren't the only things giving light to the room each way you turn you see the towering shelves are adorned with antique black lamp posts, So member's and guest's may read in style. Climbing staircase after staircase of books you see you see couches and chairs ranging from white, black, maroon, burgundy and of course silver gray. Each, we have been told, so comfy it's common for readers to catch a few dreams here as well...


The Hidden Shadows backyard is full of lush, thriving plants, flowers and herbs. They are all separated into their own sections. It could be a forest to the new comer! It is full of different plants, exotic and local, imported from all over the world. There are heaters and coolers near specific plants so they can grow. There are white paths that lead through the extremely large garden. There are also many, many butterflies and other insects. Next to a cluster of one type of plant is a sign that has a picture and facts on it. Rumor has it that we have all the types in the world. In the middle of it all is a huge 100m long, 50m wide, 1-2ft deep pool. Next to it is a smaller, 25m long, 10m wide, 0.2-.5m deep kiddie pool. There is a big water-slide that goes into the kiddie pool and the bigger pool. There are also many, many more rides. There is a circular Jacuzzi next to the big one. It had many features, including massage.   


At first glance Hidden Shadow's kitchen would look like another but once inside… Well you might think a bit differently. The room itself is huge and it's floors are made of a rough stone tile, like the look of a courtyard. In it's center is a huge black sun, it's color bold against the vast gray floor. It's walls are cream color mixed with a curtain silver and adorned with small gold engraving. As for the kitchen itself, though it's interior is vintage, the appliances are modern. The counter spaces and cabinets are a striking white with a bold splash of black. In the corner is an antique table rarely used, yet set… just in case. Everything is doubled in this kitchen, why I do not know. To the left just passing the table is an open pantry with rows upon rows of any ingredient imaginable. Sitting at the table you are able to look outside at the backyard. Though this kitchen is surely big enough to dine in, no food is eaten in here, instead it is carried through the kitchens' double doors and in to the guild's vast dining room. 

Robot Room

The Robot Room/laboratory is a soundproof, bulletproof room. For a laboratory, it is big. It is packed full of gadgets and well, robots. There is a computer in the middle. It has a 124MB storage and it's the newest model. The floor is white marble and the walls are metal and bolted. All the shiny, metal walls have a big black sun insignia on it. Lined along the walls are different memory chips, screwdrivers, wrenches, nails, bolts, iron, you name it. The robots currently under construction or in need of repair are kept in pods connected to the computer. Behind the computer is a wheely chair with a soft light blue cushion on it. Beside the only door is a sign that says "Use your gloves before touching anything", with a box of gloves next to it. At the back of the room, behind a large box full of gadgets is a escape chute, but I never told you that. ;)


Hammock tub
Waterfall sink

The bathrooms of the Hidden Shadows guild hall have been remodeled to ultra contemporary. The gray marble floors are anti-slip. On the end of the bathroom a waterfall sink. The walls, cept one, are a soft gray marble too, One wall seems to illuminate itself casting shadows into all corners of the room. The large hammock bathtub is also made from gray marble. Next to the bathtub is a tray of shampoo, soap, conditioner,  bubbles for the bath and moisturizer. They have different smells of lavender, rose, sandalwood and many more. They are all kept in Eco friendly glass bottles. The big shower is made of marble, like the bathtub and also has a tray of soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer. The toilet is also made from gray marble and has heated seats, plus a bidet. 

Dining Room

If the kitchen is big the dinning room is huge. The room easily holds 300 people milling and walking about. On normal days, only three of the long length tables are set out for guild members and guests. The room is brightly lit with a large crystal chandelier colored cream with engravings of silver on it's tips, thus making it the brightest room in the house (why lady shadows made it that way is a secret she refused to tell). the floors are made of dark brown wood except for the embedded white sun shaped stone in it's center. A pale purple covers the walls with lite swirls painted in transparent gray. The tables are of dark mahogany wood and are somehow formed in a way for everyone to easily see one another, yet leave a wide berth from the embedded sun. Each corner holds a large bluish-purple floor vase holding fresh cut flowers from the Hidden Shadow's garden. During Hidden Shadow's friendly guild banquets the room is completely rearranged with close to 50 tables lining the walls and the room's center completely open for dancing.

Guest Rooms

All rooms in Hidden Shadows guild start off as guest rooms. When a new member joins Hidden Shadows they are immediately given a room, which they can design and decorate as they please. Because Hidden Shadows has many rooms (150, to be exact), the guest rooms are a mirror reflection of each other, this also makes it easier for the Hidden Shadows robots to clean. There are two  different types of guest rooms,  one is a light gray or silver wallpaper, with hints of a bright light blue forming various subtle lines through the room. In it's center is a large 4 poster bed decorated in purple bedding. On each of the bedsides is a white nightstand held up by four legs. Directly across the from the bed is a large 60" plasma TV mounted upon the wall. Underneath the TV is a white antique looking dresser. To the left is a small sitting area with a fluffy couch, a table, a bookshelf, and other items. Directly to the right is a large desk with a laptop set, waiting with the password for Godville café and wifi laid beside it. The other room is almost exactly the same, only decorated in dark red, gold and black tones, leaving a more… modern look to the room. All rooms are adorned with a black sun directly above the bed post and are sound proof (too an extent) for the guest's full enjoyment -AKA loud music and singing when drunk.

Please note, this Wiki page is still in construction.