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Monsters of Godville
Class Demon
Habitat Hell, Rocky Slopes and Creek-beds
Death Rattle unknown
Artifact unknown
Description Looks similar to a human armadillo

The Heromnivore (heros omnivore) is a monster that is seldom seen by people who live to tell the tale.

This illustration was done by a scribe who'd been hired by one hero to follow him around and ghost write his chronicles. The scribe caught a glimpse of the monster when some distance from him it leaped out and devoured his employer. Its diet consists of any hero that crosses its path. This is why it has been so named. It has no regard for a hero's alignment, whether good, evil, or neutral. All heroes are a tasty snack to the heromnivore. Although demonic in nature, herominvores have chosen to live on Earth. They like to crouch down, blending into rocky areas to wait for a wayward hero to blunder near their hiding spot. Especially favored is any rocky creek-bed where the heromnivore can lie in the shallow water, camouflaged by the environment, until a hero comes to the waters edge for a refreshing sip. The best way to defeat the heromnivore is to first feed it one hero and then have another hero attack after the monster's hunger has been sated.


  • Is very patient
  • 37.2% more muscle power than a human being
  • knows sign language


  • Gets full after eating one hero
  • Likes Justin Beiber
  • Never has time to really get to know anyone