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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 253
Map code HR
Known for Lavish parties and good savings, cheap skills
Motto Θεοί και ήρωες που ζουν σε αρμονία (gods and heroes living in harmony)


This small usually inaccessible settlement gained its name from its location; the peaks of the largest mountain range in the world, synonymous with the mythical home of the gods: Olympus. However, you will find no gods here, for instead there is a slightly primitive village mostly occupied by retired heroes; in fact, in Herolympus there are the most expensive and desirable retirement homes in all the known realms, probably due to the fabulous mountain-top views.

Game Notes


Herolympus is about halfway up the World's Apex and is north of Godvillewood and north east of the Platonic Woodland. It is also the location of the Fountain of Youth at the source of the River Stinks, where the water is at its freshest.

Because it is on a mountain, it is very hot in the Summer and has very thick snow in the Winter. The town is like an oasis in the harsh environment, and this is one of the main reasons that nobody has bothered to designate a graveyard; the surrounding land is filled with the bones of the brave. As expected with mountainous terrain, the land itself is rough and hard to travel on but small lakes dot the mountain peaks and are home to organisms found nowhere else.

Large wooden houses are favoured in the actual town, with the occasional stone mansion. Many choose their retiring home with two things in mind: the views, and the hobbies they plan to pursue. These hobbies range from mountain climbing to fencing for the prematurely retired adventurers.


In Godville Times:

  • Day 228 g.e. "Shrines of the Herolympus city are overcrowded with fraternizing heroes."
  • Day 233 g.e. "Have no money? Can’t stop dreaming of new outfit? Outskirts of the Herolympus - the fattest monsters of Godville are at your service!"

The price of the miniature siege tower: here is ridiculous, it was only 657 gold coins. But I'm a ridiculous person.


Herolympus is one of the oldest towns in Godville, yet it also has one of the smallest populations because it is so hard to reach.

It was founded, slightly by accident, by a group of old heroes who set out on their final quest - to climb to the World's Apex. However, half way up the mountain, there was a terrible blizzard which forced them to stop. These people were resourceful (after all, they were experienced heroes) and they built a makeshift camp overnight to protect them from the cold while the blizzard died down. After two days, it had lifted higher up the mountain and when the heroes tried to climb the mountain again, they were forced to turn back. They realised that the blizzard wouldn't lift for some time, so they decided to make their camp into a more permanent settlement.

A month later, the blizzard still raged on, and by now the whole event had become of national interest. As more and more people flocked to the settlement to hear the latest news, more and more houses were built and the small settlement evolved into a town. Six months after the heroes started out on their quest, they finally succeeded. They returned to the town for a hero's welcome and, in their honour, the town was named "Herolympus".

Nowadays, many old heroes dream of retiring there and building a small shrine in their God's honour.

Distinctive Features

There are many shrines scattered around the town - to be exact, one for every hero living there and a large, wooden temple in the middle of the town with a pure gold memorial to the original town founding heroes inside it, for which many come to pay their respects.

Herolympus is home to the Fountain of Youth, which is the source of the River Stinks. The water is very rich in nutrients and minerals and, as a result, many claim that anyone who drinks from it feel younger. This is why many retired heroes want to live here, but the journey towards the town is enough to finish off most aging heroes. There is currently an ongoing legal battle between the major drink companies and the small council of Herolympus to determine which of these companies will be sold rights to bottle and sell the water, which is very highly valued by most medicine producers.

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