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Heroes. The brave warriors who go to hell and back, all for the glory of their God. If only they could manage to do their job right.

Heroes are the focus of this ZPG; they are a god's avatar in Godville, representing their lord wherever they wander. They vary wildly; they could be angelic or demonic, powerful or weak, brainless or... Well, if they weren't brainless, they wouldn't go out and do idiotic and heroic things, now would they?

By and large heroes astound with their stupidity. That's what makes them such fun to watch. They fight, they win, they lose, they buy, they sell, they do almost everything. And they write it down in their diaries, for the gods to enjoy. But be warned prolonged absance from the hero could make them lose faith. Of course heros are fragile creatures and without proper love they could die. As your hero ages he/she will get pets and guilds and RULE THE WORLD. Ahem so get a hero and start plundering.

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