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On this page you can request editing assistance from other wiki users who have volunteered to assist. (Stressed as such because none of the volunteers are obligated in any way. So, please be polite and be appreciative!)

Instructions: Click or tap "Edit" next to either of the next two sections, enter your help request, and "Save changes" to submit.

  • Just add your own request, please. Don't remove any other text that's already there!
  • Link to the article you'd like help with, so we know where to look.
  • You can just give the name, if you don't know how to create a link.
  • If possible, also briefly describe what you'd like us to help with.

Someone will take a look, and do what they can to assist.

Writing help

(Requests for copy-editing, grammar, spelling, or other English language assistance.)

Wiki coding help

(Requests for assistance with wikicode in articles: Creating links, adding images, using {{templates}}, etc.)

Morning, I was working with my next part of the chronicles and I just can't get the collapsing right, most of it works but there is a part that is not working. If you could give it a look and maybe a hand it would be much appreciated

Missions accomplished

(Completed items from the above. Will eventually be moved to the archive.)

This page has an archive

Old and/or inactive discussions have been moved to the /Archive subpage.


These users have volunteered to assist with the requests here. (Volunteers: see Help:Requests/howto for instructions.)

Reviewing and editing volunteers

Coding help volunteers

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