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Welcome to Hellusinations

we are not a Hellusination We are real

ORIGINS ERA The Hellusinations Clan was formed in 2014 by Dik1fett, Cristobal_13, And Hotrod The Hellusinations clan became rivals with another clan, The Silver Kings. While recruiting members for the clan

-TheChosenGoat42 joins the clan (late 2014)

-Doughboy joins the clan (summer 2015)

-kman joins the clan (summer 2015)

  • Time of Bliss*

-Hotrods Departure

-Kdogg Holds the clan hostage

- Late 2016 Hellusinations Goes into hibernation with Dik1fett being the only active member left


-TheChosenGoat42 and Doughboy Form the Hellusinations Guild on Godville during a meeting of the Breakfast council, hoping to summon the grand Dik1fett

-TheChosenGoat42 Rejoins Hellusinations

-Doughboy Rejoins Hellusinations

- Recruitment Restarts / War Council Is Formed


- B0ngtokes420 challenges Dik1Fett and abandons his post as a Co-Leader of Hellusinations

- Doughboy goes back into Hibernation after Leading Wars During the clans Rebirth Era

- Reddit Recruitment

Clash of Clans: Hellusinations (#CVC2L2Q)

Facebook Group: Hellusinations

Reddit Community: Hellusinations

Royal Dice Crew: Hellusinat