Hellevator Operator

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The Hellevator Operator is a monster who used to operate the elevator into hell, but because of budget cuts, he was fired. Now he spends his life hunting heroes and heroines and looting their corpses, just to get by.

The current elevator to hell is automatically operated, and this system is quite easy to sabotage and play with. The "Hellevator Operator" after being fired sought after Heroes and Heroins to make a team and protest against this change. The Hellevator did not want this because he was fired, but because he cared. But none of the Heroes and Heroins were ready for this. This infuriated the Hellevator. To vanquish his anger, bit by bit he hunts Heroes and Heroins (it will take approximately 67,890 years for his anger to die at the current rate he is hunting i.e. 345 per week). It is rumoured that when he kills a Hero or Heroin, he steals a part of their soul (no worries, this will grow back), and after his anger has quenched. The Hellevator will use all that energy, synergy and quantum-pootum he has collected and build an army that can go and protest for changing the elevator system back to monster operated.