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Monsters of Godville
Class Fire Demon
Habitat Hell, Great Lava Desert of Trogh
Wanted on Day 850 g.e.
Description Cinder-skinned pachyderm on fire

The Hellephant (Elephas inferne) is a monster. Do not get the Hellephant confused with its twin brother the Hellaphant. The last hero to do that ended up in the bottom drawer of the morgue.

Hellephants reside in the upper regions of Hell and emerge into the world at the Great Lava Desert of Trogh. These demons appear as molten or cinder-skinned pachyderms with horns and barbed, burning trunks. The trunks issue the sludgy sounds of Grindcore Metal, rather than the quaint "Pawoo" or "Toot" of mundane elephants. The trunks also issue fireballs.

Heroes are advised to ask themselves, "What am I doing in Hell?" or "What am I doing in a desert of lava? It burns! It burns!" before engaging a Hellephant. In the event that a Hero is being charged, immediate evasive action is recommended. If a hero can sing soprano, she should do so while harrying the demon with water balloons from a safe distance.

Legends claim that the Hero Bull McCaffery descended into Hell and, wielding his battle-axe "Fire Extinguisher", was incinerated when a pack of 4 Hellephants trampled and whipped him with barbed and burning trunks.


  • Charge attack.
  • Trample.
  • Barbed, burning trunk.
  • Fireballs.


  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Water balloons.
  • Choral music.
  • Snow cones.
Majora Hellaphant
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