Hell Monitor

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Monsters of Godville
Hell Monitor
Class Computer
Habitat Deville, San Satanos, Los Demonos, Wastelands of Insomnia, schools
Description Computer from Hell

Hell Monitor is an evil monster that came from the underworld. It is a desktop computer that has the ability to use necromancy or any other form of dark magic. It terrorizes the world by floating around and attacking its foes with its forbidden magic. This monster is sometimes hired at schools to prevent students from leaving classrooms. However, this only makes the students afraid of computers. It also knows all of the information written in the Book of glitchcraft.

General Information

The Hell Monitor is really dangerous because it can easily be mistaken for a regular computer. In order to identify one, one must approach the computer without a Hell pass. If the screen of the computer's screen turns on displaying a red background with a black skull logo on it, be prepared. If it begins levitating, it means that the Hell Monitor is about to attack. This means dark magic will be used and hellfire will be summoned.

In order to defeat the Hell Monitor, holy water is a must. Since the computer is from hell, it will cower if it even detects holy water. It may behave like a regular computer around those who carry holy water (just to keep itself hidden). But punching the screen hard enough may also be enough to defeat the Hell Monitor. Computer screens can easily be punched through.

As for students in schools, they should beware. Some schools have hired the Hell Monitor to monitor their hallways. It will sit in the middle of the hallway like how it normally hides itself, and if the student passing by does not have a Hell pass, the student will have to put up with a punishment worse than any detention could ever be (Expect severe burns caused by summoning hellfire).



  • Dark Magic
  • Can summon Hellfire
  • Intellect of a computer
  • Expert in glitchcraft, do to its thorough knowledge of the book containing said knowledge
  • Surprise attacker


  • Water(Especially Holy Water)
  • Easily defeated if punched hard enough
  • Leaves students and heroes alone if they have a Hell pass
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