Hell's Bell-Ringer

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The Hell's Bell-Ringer will always be found wearing a black AC/DC T-shirt, with yellow sport shorts. The reason for this is to distract you long enough for it to charge its Hammer Swing attack.

It takes a while to charge, because let's be honest, if a hammer is going to be ringing Hell's Bell, it's going to make Thor's version look like a baby's squeeky gavel.


  • Immune to sound-type attacks, its eardrums are busted due to blasting heavy metal all day.
  • Will bore you to death as it explains the different genres of heavy metal music, like power metal and melodic death metal.
  • Is able to summon groupies at nearly any occassion.


  • Can't hear you sneak up on it.
  • Will become engorged with rage and will lose focus if a hero says, "I'm a musician too because I beat Guitar Rock III on expert level on the first try."
  • Can be easily found with any metal detector.