Heirs of the Pantheon

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Heirs of the Pantheon
Motto: To The Ends of Infinity!
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Fund: 1418 c.u.
Date Founded: July 18, 2017
Membership Count: 5
Forum Headquarters: Heirs of the Pantheon
Guild Page: Heirs of the Pantheon 
Data current as of September 2, 2017

The Guild

The Heirs of the Pantheon is a guild themed after the Greek gods of legend, with its hall structured much like one of their temples and its members taking titles and domains similar to those of the ancients. It welcomes all who would join, regardless of if they are of the same Greek thematic style, but even those who are not will be given a title and a label on their domain, to put them one step closer to the pantheon. HotP is an extremely friendly guild, and is known for throwing the occasional open-invite banquet, as well as for the vast numbers of bunnies on the premises at all times. The guild also has a signature drink, Nectar, which is a sweet, golden beverage that, through the usage of godpower, can get a drinker pleasantly tipsy, but never truly drunk.

The Hall

Built atop a hill, the guild hall is made largely of gleaming white marble, crafted in the style of Greek temples of old, with the grand pillars marked with intricate carvings that seem to dance around the pillars and catch the light in ways beyond the natural. The pillars at the front of the hall, by the main entrance, are carved with the likenesses of the original Greek pantheon, each of the major gods and many of the minor ones. These particular carvings seem especially lifelike, as if the actual gods themselves were trapped inside the pillars only by the need to hold up the roof of the hall. HotP guarantees those who may worry that this is not, in fact, the case.

Once inside the hall, one can see that the central room, almost a lobby of sorts, is also crafted of marble, with a grand fountain in the center whose water twists and leaps like it were alive. Beyond this central room, however, the rest of the rooms are made of materials more modern, easier on the eyes and more comfortable to the body. Dormitory rooms, a great banquet hall, a grand kitchen, several smaller kitchens, laboratories, game rooms, a divine armoury, several gyms, and more are scattered around the hall. The total number of rooms is far beyond that which the physical form of the hall could naturally house, but HotP encourages you not to worry about this. The Hall itself is infused with godpower, and recognizes members of the guild within it in several ways. To outsiders, one of the most obvious is that whenever a guild member sits in a chair inside the hall, it morphs into a intricate personalized throne, reflecting their domain and fitted to their body to be as comfortable as possible. For instance, Lumilla's throne is an ornate silvery throne with a silver crescent moon at the top that cycles through the phases of the moon when touched. There are other ways in which the hall responds to members, but a guild's got to keep some secrets!

Deities of Heirs of the Pantheon

While the guild as a whole may be described above, each member deserves their own introduction.

GodLumilla : The founder of HotP, Lumilla is descended from three separate lunar goddesses, one of whom is also a part of the guild.

GodIrena of Ataxia :

GodCorvus Silver :

GodHekate of Shadows : The Goddess of Magic herself, Hekate is Lumilla's Grandmother (but don't ever call her that!). Dangerously alluring, not for the mild or weak at heart.

GodColumba Golde : Columba is an Order goddess whose background with authority has led her to use her abilities as an improvised Chaos goddess instead.