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The Hefty Sword is a devastating weapon as it often inflicts great pain onto those foolish enough to wield it, and onto fools that can't avoid it.

Equipment of Godville
Hefty sword
Large unwieldy replica on display
Worn 🗡️Weapon
Durability +12
Description More Hefty than Sword


This enormous weapon is simply carved from stone, making it more a sculpture of a sword. While its dimensions have never been accurately measured, it was once officially weighed at a festival in Bumchester. The owner of the weapon at the time heaved it on the weighing scaffold. But instead of declaring an official number (the winner of that year's raffle was supposed to recieve a farm, a farmer, and a farmer's daughter) the hooligan smashed the way weigh station a sunder, before dragging it away. The consensus (for the sake of the farmer and his daughter) was that it weighed exactly a lot.

Rumor has it that more than one such weapon exists but those who can use it are scarce, therefore only the one has been officially recorded. A rumor I hope to have started by writing it in this article.


None required. Though storing it somewhere safe-ish during inclement weather, such as hurricanes is highly recommended.



  • Smashes
  • Hurts
  • If you can lift it, your enemies should aleady be scared of you


  • Generally requires it's own horse if you plan on traveling more than a few thousand feet a day
  • Does NOT go with any attire
  • Even if you can lift it, try swinging it