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  | class = Imaginary pachyderm
  | class = Imaginary pachyderm
  | description = Animal that forms in one's imagination (?)
  | description = Animal that forms in one's imagination
  | habitat = Cerebral Cortex (?)
  | habitat = Cerebral Cortex
  | levels = 40–55
  | levels = 40–55
  | feature = Riding (so if you can ride it, it can't be imaginary...)
  | feature = Riding

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This Template Is Deprecated — USE {{Monster}} INSTEAD

{{Monster}} can now create Pet infoboxes (since all Pets are Monsters), it should be used instead of this template. Setting either of the pet-only parameters (|pet-levels= or |pet-feature=) will automatically create a Pet infobox, or you can add |pet=yes to do it explicitly. So, for example...
{{Pet|image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}}
{{Monster|image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |pet-levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}} or
{{Monster|pet=yes |image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |pet-levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}}
See Template:Monster for full documentation.
This change will allow Pet articles to benefit from any improvements made to {{Monster}}.

A heffalump is an imaginary animal. Because of this, there is a large debate on what the Heffalump actually looks like. Most Heffalumps are portrayed having greyish skin, large pink ears, and a long flexible appendage protruding from between their eyes - this is known as a "trunk" - an extension of a nose.

Most people agree that a heffalump has four legs, though some claim to have imagined heffalumps with six legs. (One hero purportedly imagined a nine-legged heffalump, but eyewitnesses said they had seen him only one hour previously at the local bar clutching a large tankard of ale). Heffalumps sometimes have wings, but they are generally incapable of using them (they are usually short and stubby). In some rare cases, however, heffalumps have been known to fly, though these are generally confused with dragons and therefore disregarded. Heffalumps are generally grey, but heroes from San Satanos have reported seeing brown, black, and white ones as well. Other reports from Beerburgh, Los Demonos, and Godville describe heffalumps of various other colors - purple, yellow - even pink polka-dotted. Much speculation about these heffalumps remains, however, since so far no one has actually confirmed any of these to be true.

A Heffalump is usually about thrice as tall as an average hero - so one will need a stepstool (or a levitation spell) to mount their Heffalump if they want to take a ride.

This animal can be tamed as a pet at levels 40+. Despite being imaginary, this pet can also help its owner in battle.