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Skill Type: Combat

The heel grip is an ancient martial arts technique used to deliver a devastating attack that is as much spiritual as physical. To execute the heel grip, a heroine thrusts her inside foot behind the inside foot of her opponent, then withdraws it quickly, while concentrating her chi (roughly translated, "energy") in her heel, thus transmitting a powerful blow through heel-to-heel, or, more commonly, ankle-to-ankle, contact. If performed correctly, this difficult maneuver will, at minimum, trip the opponent and knock him onto his keister. However, a well-aimed heel grip creates an impact of the heroine's chi upon the chi of her opponent so jarring that the opponent's chi is partially shattered, with the portion corresponding to the foot breaking loose, whereupon the heroine is able to absorb it to her own chi, thus strengthening herself while weakening her opponent.

Unfortunately, the degree of physical and mental discipline required to execute a proper heel grip eludes even the most capable of Godville heroes and heroines--and the thought of the average Godville hero attempting this technique frankly gives me the giggles. Thus, in Godville the heel grip takes a simplified form, consisting of an energetic stomp on the opponent's toes, combined with the attainment of a mental state likened by some experts (such as they are) to the expectation experienced by a three-year-old who's been told to close his eyes while a parent places candy in one of his outstretched hands. (Indeed, one school of practitioners actually teaches the skill in exactly this fashion, though the closed eyes, while facilitating concentration, tend to result in an unfortunate and arguably unacceptable number of well-landed blows to the head.)


Level 1-5

The heroine knocks the enemy on his a#&, while shaking loose a few crumbs of chi, which may be absorbed by the heroine, but more likely will be picked up by scavenging birds.

Level 6-10

The heroine breaks off a solid chunk of chi, suitable for mounting, or, in some cases, pet food.

Level 11-20

The heroine breaks off enough of the enemy's chi to stun him temporarily, allowing her to deliver a further blow or to take additional time to contemplate her next move.

Level 21+

The heroine tears off a honking big piece of chi, then slaps the opponent around with it, while mocking his mother's ancestry and implying that she harbors lewd proclivities.