Heedless Chicken

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Monsters of Godville
Heedless Chicken
'Gallus Gallus Omissus'
A Heedless Chicken on its favoured mode of transport
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description A foul fowl, with a devil-may-care attitude

The Heedless Chicken (Gallus Gallus Omissus) is a monster that answers the question "What happened when the chicken crossed the road?"

This monster grew up as a regular chicken but was known for its particularly high levels of carelessness and dare-devilism, leaping off the coop roof, or chasing predators, like the Photocopycat. It was warned multiple times by its mother to behave and be careful, but did not heed her advice.

One stormy night, this chicken crossed the road on its skateboard and was struck not only by a passing cart, but by a Punishment that missed its intended target, a hero. This resulted in the chicken's feet fusing to the skateboard, and it being imbued with powers no chicken should have. Now, the Heedless Chicken roams the land on its wheels, stumbling into heroes and picking fights with them.



  • Extreme speed, due to its existence on wheels
  • Strong peck that can deal damage even at a distance
  • Cluck louder than punishment-thunder, can damage a hero's hearing


  • Being encouraged to do flips, and applauded
  • Roads - it has a phobia of them. Heroes fleeing are advised to cross, and remain on the other side