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Stay healthy!

It is extremely important to stay healthy. If you neglect it, then you might not like the consequences.

Health is measured in Hit Points, usually abbreviated to HP. This is because the leading cause of health loss can be attributed to attacks by Monsters, and heroes don't tend to be very intelligent and therefore are often a little rusty in matters of vocabulary. For this reason, we do not call them "health" points (although the abbreviation certainly fits), nor do we call them "injury," "damage," or "impaled vital organ" points. Instead, we are stuck with the annoyingly simple "hit" points which, to be fair, may save a bit of time in the long run.

Health in Godville can be lost or gained in a number of ways:

  • Randomly falling off a cliff. (loss)
  • Getting hit by a meteor. (loss)
  • Falling into a trap. (loss)
  • Getting rejected by a potential date. (loss)
  • Resting under a tree (gain)
  • In Towns by visiting a doctor or going to a hospital. (gain)
  • In Dungeons by entering a bonus room that heals one or more heroes. (gain)
  • In Dungeons by entering a trap room that wounds one or more heroes. (loss)