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The origins of this monster are unknown, but there is a legend about them. The legend goes like this:

« The legend of the evils

Long ago, before time had a name, there was a city of people. They called themselves 'angels' and they were good and kind. Among the angels there was a young boy called Dareth. He was not as polite as most of the angels, and at the age of 13 he got so bad he was declared an outcast. Dareth was happy as an outcast, but one day he felt an unnatural heat creeping through him. The next day, the earth cracked open, revealing a dark, deep pit. Dareth was overcome with curiosity, so he made a makeshift rope, packed his wolf's-fang dagger and his pipes, and set off into the dark abyss. At the bottom, he lit a candle and found he was surrounded by leering red faces with horns and small goatees and forked red tails.


They explained to him that they were the complete opposite of angels-bad, mean, uncaring, pitiless, and most of all they were pure EVIL. Then their king came. He looked like the other devils, but he had a red crown made of thorns. Dareth explained about the angels, and how he had always been evil inside, and together they waged war on the angels. The war lasted for 1000 years, but at last Dareth became tired of the fighting. He decided to use the ultimate word, the word which would destroy everything but himself. His motto became "I must not be ashamed" and eventually his name became He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Ashamed.


Now he lives quietly in the barren mountains, waiting for his prey.


  • Ability to go unseen
  • Power of a god


  • Does not like the heat of battle
  • Feeds on wits