Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon
Motto: Messis lunae adoramus!
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Fund: 19240 c.u.
Date Founded: September 10, 2010
Membership Count: 186
Town with Greatest Influence: Beerburgh (33%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 24
Forum Headquarters: Harvest Moon
Guild Page: Harvest Moon 
Data current as of 27th January 2011

From across the oceans on the distant continent of Azaeloth came the Harvest Moon. Cruel mercenaries who follow the dark arts and dark gods, the Harvest Moon traversed the Ocean of Tears to come to Godville to establish expand their following and influence. The masters of the guild are those of the blackest hearts, who seek to expand the influence of the Harvest Moon through conquest and trickery. Those who follow the dark arts are welcome to join, though it's been rumored that the guild tricks followers of the light into joining its ranks in order to use them to infiltrate cities through subterfuge and false pretense. Such are the ways of the Harvest Moon.

If you wish to join our dark ranks, send a voice saying Join the "Harvest Moon" guild once his current quest has finished/cancelled.

Preparing for the Sacrifice
The Harvest Moon


The Harvest Moon occurs once every 10 years, and when it does it is a time of great terror. In the old days, the Cult of Blood would attempt to harness the Moon's dark energy by the means of sacrifice. They would "harvest" the souls of their victims and offer them to the blood red moon in return for great and terrible power.

Over time members of the cult were hunted down and killed, as the rest fled over the ocean and inhabited the land of Godville. By this time they had forgotten the rituals they would use to carry out the Harvest Moon Sacrifice. Although their methods are lost, there are still the guild masters who tirelessly hunt for a way to harness the Moon's great power once more, and recruit other "heroes" to help them in their search for power...

Guild Strongholds

Our sacred seal

We currently have one major foothold in this land in the town of Beerburgh. Here, over one third of the population follow our methods, and more and more turn to our cause each day, else they are severely punished for worshipping their false idols. Also, many people follow us in the towns of Godvillewood, Tradeburg, Los Demonos and Los Adminos. Our followers affix a magical, sacred seal on their doors which not only allow them to show their support, but also protect them when we purge an area of any resistance. We are slowly rising from the shadows to become one of the major superpowers in the land.

Our strongholds are easily recognisable. They are vast, strong fortresses of darkness, perpetually surrounded by black storm clouds. The fortress is surrounded by a lake of blood, and atop the impressive towers made of bone are great luminous red crystals - ancient storage devices through which we channel dark energy in return for great and terrible power.

Noteworthy Members

The Blood Council

  • GodCorwin  - Founder of the Harvest Moon. Championed by the hero Swayvil.
  • GodUlvolose  - Co-Founder and Champion of the Harvest Moon. Championed by the hero Argoet.
  • GodHammrsgl  - Lady of the Blood Moon. Championed by the hero Hammr.
  • GodKosh  - Head Necromancer. Championed by the heroine Delenn.
  • GodFel1dragon  - Guild Chronicler and Dark Sage of the Moon. Championed by the hero Fell Dragon.
  • GodChace  - Master of Secrets. Championed by the hero Jeezus.
  • GodPeter C  - Master of War. Championed by the hero Oski.

Guild Officers

  • GodArdur  - Guild Torturer. Championed by the hero Erion.
  • GodPalin  - Chief Negotiator. Championed by the hero Herocleo.
  • GodZindrel  - Guild Executioner. Championed by the heroine Ashura.
  • GodCharon  - Chief Recruiter and Emissary of the Blood Moon. Championed by the hero Arnost.

Active Members

  • GodGiuseppe  - Gladiator of the 1st Degree. Championed by the hero Dirty Bird.
  • GodMakaze  - Oracle of the Blood Moon. Championed by the heroine Kimagure.
  • GodDisturbed  - Championed by the hero Dragon Reborn.
  • GodPanacea  - Championed by the hero Alcibiades.
  • GodJuniormint86  - Championed by the heroine Giulianna.
  • GodPimshit  - Championed by the hero Inegoel.
  • GodKxaiakaerle  - Championed by the hero Black Mask.
  • GodCaius  - Championed by the hero Lord Caius.
  • GodOhwonbin  - Championed by the hero Ohwonbin.
  • GodTau Peng Lim  - Championed by the hero Xavkas.
  • GodTisIte  - Championed by the hero Duplicate Name.

If anyone else feels like they should be added to this list, post your name and why here or contact one of the Blood Council in the game.

Arena Policy

The Blood Council has declared the following arena policy in effect.

Guild members are expected to friend other guild members as invites permit. When members that you are friended with are within your arena level range (5 levels), you are expected to message them before you enter the arena to avoid bouts between guildmates (guildmates can mutually agree to waive this between each other). Thus, a level 25 member of the Harvest Moon should friend other guildmates between levels 20 and 30 that he/she is friended with before entering the arena. This will prevent guildmates from needlessly spilling each others blood, and allow us to focus our destructive powers against other guilds.

In the event that you find yourself matched against a guildmate (perhaps because you are not yet friended), then there are no restrictions on the fight. Members should attempt to win the fight, unless you two individually agree to something else via messages or a voice of god.

If members that you are friended with ignore your messages and enter the arena to fight you, report it to one of the guild officers at once. We understand that errors happen, but anyone who develops a pattern of doing this shall be dealt with harshly.

Forum Etiquette

By decree of the Blood Council, the following forum etiquette policy is in place for the guild:

Members may individually argue and banter with other guilds, to include tasteful barbs and jabs, on the Main Forum. However, members shall be restricted from using the threads of other guilds for arguments, spamming or anything that might be offensive or disruptive to another guild unless they carry with them the approval of the Blood Council. Members may post on other guilds’ threads, so long as it is fun, playful banter.

Other guilds will contact one of the Blood Council to remedy violations of Harvest Moon guild policy by its members, or Corwin or Ulvolose should the violator be on the Blood Council.

The purpose of this policy is to maintain Godville as a fun game for all and to prevent the hijacking of guild forum threads. Posts on other guild forum threads should be consistent with roleplaying personas, while ensuring a fun environment for all. Should another guild wish to start a roleplaying rivalry with the Harvest Moon and waive this policy, it can be arranged via private messages between friends.

Guild Chronicles

The following entries listed here are events deemed noteworthy by the guild chronicler, GodFel1dragon 

  • Day 232 g.e.
« Swayvil - 34th level adventurer, member of “Harvest Moon” guild, with motto “I am the lesser evil”, stands on 29th place in pantheon of gladiatorship under vigilant supervision of god Corwin. The hero has no distinctive features to date, however, he promises to get some before his next appearance.
  • Day 236 g.e. An executive decision was taken by the leaders of our noble guild to follow our mottoes with a crescent moon for ease of recognition in the pantheons. Messis lunae adoramus! 
  • Day 248 g.e. The noble blood god GodUlvolose  was granted a new power today as his mortal pawn, Argoet, finished his mighty temple. This resulted in our guild gaining even more influence in this puny land, raising our influence in Beerburgh to 20%, an all-time high. This is merely a start for the many great events still to come.
  • Day 249 g.e.
« Erion - 33rd level adventurer, member of “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “Torturer of the Moon ”, stands at the 2nd position in the pantheon of destruction under the vigilant supervision of the god Ardur. He asks someone to leave no stone unturned and report the results via express mail.
  • Day 249 g.e.
« Argoet - 35th level adventurer, member of “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “Champion of the Moon ”, stands at the 4th position in the pantheon of gladiatorship under the vigilant supervision of the god Ulvolose. Pretty much likes his place in the pantheon and is not going to leave it any time soon.
  • Day 251 g.e. As more and more people see that darkness is the new light, they flock to our cause. In Beerburgh now, over one in every five people follow our cause, and In key towns such as Godville more people are joining us every day.
  • Day 253 g.e. The Blood council have decreed that from this day forth, there is a code of forum etiquette which must be upheld by all the guild's members.
  • Day 255 g.e.
« Hammr - 44th level adventurer, member of “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “Lady of the Blood Moon ”, stands at the 42nd position in the pantheon of gratitude under the vigilant supervision of the god Hammrsgl. He always wanted to find hay in a needle stack, but didn’t managed to get a free time.

  • Day 257 g.e
« HeHe Bear - 21st level adventurer, member of “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “The dude abides :)”, stands at the 64th position in the pantheon of creation under the vigilant supervision of the god Babyporky. Known for her cuteness and ability to wake up even the sleepless with her laughter.
  • Day 262 g.e
« Black Mask - 14th level adventurer, member of “Harvest Moon” guild, with the motto “Fight!”, stands at the 31st position in the pantheon of gladiatorship under the vigilant supervision of the god Kxaiakaerle. She always wanted to find a better megaphone for my deity, but never managed to get enough time.