Harbingers of the Primordial Dusk

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Harbingers of the Primordial Dusk
Motto: Tenebrae non est ortus nobis 🝯
Alignment: Dark
Date Founded: 2796 g.e.
Guild Page: Harbingers of the Primordial Dusk 

Harbingers of the Primordial Dusk is a guild founded by the heroine Fionnira, under supervision by her goddess Shanimal.



If you'd like to learn about the historical cult which the guild is named after, see Fionnira's biography. However, it is not relevant to our current guild, as it was a corrupt and power-hungry organization which was only correct in its teachings.


We believe in the Four Tenets of Darkness:

I. Before the World, there was simply Dark.

II. The Dark is where we draw our strength and our power.

III. When the World was established, Lightness was introduced concurrent to Darkness.

IV. There will be a day in which Darkness reigns again!