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Hall of Records - Register outstanding achievements of gods and heroes, divided into categories. Data current as of 27 Dec 2018

Caution Nominations come only through the Hall of records forum thread. With a large number of witnesses who confirmed the uniqueness of your achievements, and only after that can be reflected in this article.

A random hero walking up to the hall

History of the hall of records

Created by the god GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T)  on Day 2050 g.e. as a way for old-timers to remember the achievements of ancient times. After the Hall of records forum thread was created the day before. To date, there is almost a page and, of course young and ambitious Gods regularly fall into an awkward situation by publishing a "record" that is often not up to the magnitude of their elders. Of course, this does not diminish their accomplishments, but refers to a personal record, which can (and should) be fixed in the chronicles of the hero.

Priority nominations

  • Please post your achievement in the forums to allow for easier tracking for those updating this wiki.
  • If multiple gods have reached a record, preference is given to the one that has been documented better. Permanent saved logs or screen shots trump copy paste every time. In certain cases eye witnesses from trusted sources will be accepted.



The most/the highest number

The least/the lowest number

  • Gold received from an activatable - 0 GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) 
  • Cheapest potential purchase - ???
  • Smallest prayer donation - 2 coins GodOversee Year (U • C • T) 
  • Gold put into savings - 1 coin GodNyx of Darkness (U • C • T) 
  • Gold remaining after skill upgrade: 10 GodSaturio 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 
  • Shortest time between leveling up from black boxes - Lv 91 and lv 93 both completed with scrolls. Time in days unknown GodAthomick 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) 
  • Shortest time between upgrading the same skill for free - 1 minute GodS624 (U • C • T) 
  • Shortest time between upgrading any two skills for free - 2 minutes GodFairy Wogdog 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 
  • Shortest time between meeting the guild totem monster - 13 minutes GodNgma (U • C • T) 





  • Most gold dug out in the field - 2488 GodThe Veryself 4-medal laurel(U • C • T) 
  • Least gold dug out in the field - ???
  • Most dig boss fought in 24 hours - ???
  • Most trophies won from a dig boss - ???
  • Most gold won from a dig boss - ???
  • Least gold won from a dig boss - 0 GodTuggernongy (U • C • T) 
  • Most gold lost to a dig boss -???
  • Least gold lost to a boss - 0 The Real Jels (deleted account)
  • Highest HP of a dig boss - ???
  • Lowest HP of a dig boss - ???
  • Longest dig boss fight - 141 steps GodHairplug4men 5-medal laurel(U • C • T) 


  • Highest popularity in one City - 100% Harvest Moon in Lostway
  • First place in popularity in all cities at once - ???
  • First place in all four guild pantheons at once - ???
  • Longest monologue in GC - 99 posts GodNeon-A (U • C • T)  in Blue Feather


  • Pet has higher level (by 8) than hero - ???
  • Log before temple completion - 76.4% GodFlyingpig (U • C • T)