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* Loneliness
* Loneliness
* Poor fashion sense
* Poor fashion sense
* Can only go forwards

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Hall Minotaur
aula minotauro
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid-bovine mix
Habitat Hallways
Description Bull headed

The Hall Minotaur (aula minotauro) is a monster who has adapted itself to living in hallways because labyrinths and other mazes are incredibly hard to come by these days.

This creature often guards its home hallway until the structure begins to decay. At that time the Hall Minotaur will strike out in search of another abandoned school, hospital, or even a Temple with a satisfying amount of twists, turns and confusing construction. Heroes may encounter this monster while investigating these types of areas for forgotten treasure and artifacts. The Hall Minotaur itself is likely to have a secret room adjacent to its home hallway that is filled with gold and jewels taken from other adventurers who were slain by the monster. It is very defensive about its territory and will fight to the death if its home is invaded. Heroes who successfully challenge the Hall Minotaur should be able to fill their packs with all the loot they've ever dreamed of finding.



  • Very long life span
  • Wealthy
  • Riddle making/solving


  • Agoraphobia
  • Loneliness
  • Poor fashion sense
  • Can only go forwards