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Artifacts of Godville
Half an hourglass
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

Not to be confused with the 'Half-hour hourglass' or a 'Half of an hourglass, the 'Half an hourglass' is a perplexing artifact with relatively unknown origins. Many stories have circulated Godville about the Legend of the Half an hourglass' since it's discovery.

Legends of The Half an Hourglass

There have been many legends to rise from all of the speculation around this mysterious artifact. For efficiencies sake, many scholars gathered their collective minds and might to make a short compendium of the most popular, and likely, stories.

  • The most pervasive and exciting of possibilities is that these artifacts are actually a half of a whole hourglass or maybe all of them combine into one hourglass, an hourglass of the Gods as it were. No one is sure what powers this primitive timekeeper of the gods may hold. Some speculations include:
    • Control of Time itself
    • Control of Space itself
    • Control of Spacetime itself
    • Control of keeping track of time in unspecified non-exact intervals.
  • A common fable of mothers to their children is that every grain is actually a permanently fallen hero and that each time a hero falls, another grain is added. This legend concludes with the possibility that, once all the pieces are combined, all of the hero's will revive and become gods themselves.
  • The most far-fetched of all these legends is this. These pieces are exactly that, pieces of an hourglass.