Gummy Wyrm

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Pets of Godville
Gummy Wyrm
Python gumminosus
gummy wyrm.jpg
Strong Monster
Class Confection, Mutant
Habitat Radiostagnant Pits
Description Living Jelly Treats
Tame at levels 71-94
Feature Dungeon-ability

The Gummy Wyrm (Python gumminosus) is a tamable monster that was a regular gummy at the dawn of time.


The Gummy Wyrm mutated when heroes left some gummies at a plant where radioactive plastic was being made. Thus was the Gummy Wyrm made. Soon, their population multiplied until it threatened the hero population. Heroes labelled this creature as dangerous and have organized huge hunting sprees over the years. Gummy Wyrm is believed to be the cause of extinction for dinosaurs and dodos. It's known for getting support when it is next to a gummy factory. Its reproduction rate is extremely high, but it is not seen often because it was forced into hiding. However, it still threatens the whole animal kingdom and is responsible for the near extinction of several animals.

A level 17 Gummy Wyrm.


The Gummy Wyrm measures only a few inches when young, but can grow to over forty-two feet in length and weighs more than two thousand five hundred pounds. It is genetically similar to the other great wyrms of Godville, which we're not supposed to talk about. What is talked about, is that wyrms are wingless, legless dragons more commonly known as serpents. They generally have bad attitudes, aren't much fun to be around, and spend way too much time promoting the apple industry.


  • Gummy healing powers.
  • Able to breathe deadly gummy flame.
  • Can easily attract weak heroes by its sweet smell.
  • Help sense the surroundings during dungeons, once in a while.


  • Easily get stuck to the ground due to sticky gummy body, but a little water goes a long way for lubrication.
  • Not close to a gummy factory to get back up help.
  • Any weapon that is hot to the touch.
  • Tasty.
  • Will melt into a gummy blob if left in a hot car.
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