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Guilds in Godville are different than the ones we have seen in other games. No one owns a guild, not even the founders of the guilds in this game. No one has the power to kick out nor invite anyone. It is a place where heroes gather together. However, heroes have a very limited interaction with each other in guilds, usually through forums.

Guilds have three main properties: Alignment, Unity and Gold fund. They may also have mottoes, emblems and a forum thread.

List of Guilds


Choose your guild wisely because completing a guild quest usually takes several days.

The hero will receive the following benefits from the guild membership (the benefit is the greater the higher influence the guild has in the respective town):

1) Heal faster in the guild's private hospital

2) Upgrade equipment for free at the trader

3) Receive some gold from guild (the amount depends on how large the gold fund the guild has; the higher the better)

Create a guild

Players can found a new guild by simply typing "join the “guild name” guild". If there was no other guild with the same name, a new guild will be founded. Notice that your hero might not listen to you the first time.

Join a guild

Players can join an existing guild by typing "join the “guild name” guild".

Switch between guilds

Heroes might randomly decide to move to another guild. If it happens, sending "cancel quest" will stop your hero from performing action.

Ranks in guilds

The longer you stay in a guild, the higher the rank you will achieve. In order:

Fan Intern Recruit Follower Adept Master Chief Master Advisor Grand Master Cardinal

The higher the rank your hero has in your guild, the better treatment he receives. If you leave the guild and then join it again, you will start from the first rank all over again so be loyal to your guild!

Influence in Towns

The best way to raise your guild's ownership influence of a Town is by influencing your hero. If your guild is evil, try to punish your hero while he is at town. Same thing applies to good guilds.


Suddenly found a halo above my head. Seized the opportunity and ran to the city square to do some preaching. My guild is going to get more influence here.
Suddenly, news about a golden calf grazing near the town spread around Godville. Almighty, is that your handiwork? I took the opportunity and declared him to be a sacred symbol of the “*********” guild.
I was trying to spread the word at Godville's main square, informing the people about my guild, when suddenly thunder struck and amplified my voice a hundredfold. People there are going to remember the “*****” guild for a long time

The higher the ownership of your guild to the town, the better treatment you receive, the more gold you get from selling items and so on.