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When your hero joins a guild and reaches the status of recruit, the hero gains a guild membership card. A membership card is obtained by filling out the documentation available and submitting a likeness of your hero for proof of identification to be included on the card. Professionally commissioned likenesses where your hero does not look half asleep and / or drunk will be accepted for an additional fee.

Your guild membership card gives discounts on a variety of items available for purchase to your hero when he or she is in participating shop locations. The amount of coins saved on any particular item is based on a complex equation which takes into account the hero's guild rank times the guild's percentage of influence in that particular town divided by the hero's number of visits to that particular shop. You may even find some free equipment from traders if your hero stumbles past the mislabeled and dented items clearance bin.

Guild membership cards can also be presented at clinics for healing through physicians affiliated with your guild's network for discounted or even free healing of your hero. As you advance through the ranks of guild proving your loyalty, the tier of benefits you qualify for improves which results in a significant increased amount of healing. You may even very rarely find a physician who is looking to meet his required daily healing quota who will provide a complete heal for free upon presenting your guild membership card.

Most importantly, your guild membership card is to be used to open the door to your guild hall by presenting it through the guild's front door mail slot in order to show the local guild greeter who will then allow your entry. Therefore your guild membership card must be returned immediately upon leaving the guild. Also, please note that your guild may still require traditional greetings, handshakes, hugs, dances, or even gifts and tokens such as shrubberies as part of tradition and that the presentation of the guild membership card does not negate this expectation under any circumstances.