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Guild Name
Motto: insere hic gilda nomen
Alignment: brightest
Gold Fund: 59214 c.u.
Date Founded: 16th April 2011
Membership Count: 286
Town with Greatest Influence: San Satanos (14%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 2
Forum Headquarters: Guild Name
Guild Page: Guild Name 
Data current as of 12th January 2012

Guild Name is the name of a guild.

Why Guild Name guild?

Have you ever looked at the guild list and wondered "Which guild should I join?"

Join the club!

We like to think that we are the default guild in Godville, as every time we ask someone how to join a guild, they answer join "Guild Name" guild.

If you pride yourself in genericness, or enjoy the quality of being meta, simply tell your hero

join "Guild Name" guild

and start your quest for mediocrity!

How does Guild Name guild help me?

Guild Name Hero

Guild Name gives you an abundance of benefits:

  • You will be in a guild
  • Your name will show up on the guild list
  • The Guild Name guild will show up in the Hero section of the Hero and Superhero pages, providing you one-click access to this page and two-click access to the Forum Headquarters, helping to save the environment by reducing clicks and page loads.
  • The name of the Guild Name guild is easy to spell
  • The name of the Guild Name guild will probably not offend anyone
  • You can print the guild crest on a T-shirt and wear it without express written permission
  • You will be included in the number of members
  • When your hero reaches level 15, you will receive the ability to edit the Guild Name wiki page
  • You will be treated as an equal member of the guild, depending on your rank
  • You will have the satisfaction of being a part of something larger than yourself but that does not require a lot of commitment
  • Invites and other bonuses from other Guild Name members/founders
  • Your guild will not require you to neglect your house pets to be respected by other guild members
  • You will have the opportunity to earn Guild Name Guild Points, which have a turtle on them. This opportunity is also available to non-members, but Guild Name members receive three additional ways to earn Guild Points
  • You receive the ability to declare your favorite cheese in a public and open manner if desired
  • You receive access to the Pantheon of Mediocrity
  • Godville's only Guild Merchandise Shop, with all royalties from sales, if we ever sell anything, going towards rewarding members for their contributions to the guild.

How do I help Guild Name guild?

As a new member to Guild Name, you may wonder what you can do to help the guild. According to Guilds, the best way to help us is to encourage or punish your character when your character is in a town. This will increase our guild's influence in the town, helping to spread our desire to be average to the rest of the Godville universe.

Don't forget!-the act of influencing in towns is not only an altruistic one-after you have influenced a bit, you will start to get free bold and activatable items when you get to the towns you influenced in. Thus you can help yourself by helping us as well!

Also, if you notice your character trying to join a different guild, you can always cancel it and stay with us, as it's almost guaranteed any other guild won't be as average as ours. Just send the command "cancel quest" to your hero or heroine until he or she listens.

To increase our visibility, you can also put a reference to *Guild Name* guild in your motto if you want, but please feel free not to as well-Guild Name appreciates individuality.

Feel free to add any of our guild members or founders as friends, and we will be moderately happy to answer any questions we can. It also helps to increase guild unity (not Unity) if members befriend other members.

Code of Conduct

The members of Guild Name feel that the following rules could be followed if you want, but don't stress.

  1. Thou shalt not take the game too seriously
  2. Thou shalt not forsake your real life for a video game
  3. Thou shalt treat all other heroes and guilds with at least a modicum of respect-Guild Name officially has no enemies from our side, although if other guilds or heroes want to dislike us, it's cool, we understand.
  4. Thou canst post in the forum and say hello
  5. Thou shalt try to spell things thou writes correctly if possible
  6. Thou shalt not worry about anything that is not actually that important when thou steppst back and considerst it thoughtfully.

Guild Founders

Guild Points

It has been noted in the forum that occasionally Guild Name members will be granted "Guild Points" by one of the founders. Guild Points are like those tickets you get from prize machines in that eventually huge numbers of them will be able to be turned in for mostly worthless prizes. In the meantime, Guild Points are tracked here so that those who are collecting them receive the moderate quantity of fame and subdued admiration that they deserve.

Guild Name founders are unable to receive Guild Points ever since two of them (we're not naming names) went on a Guild Points-fueled binge and ended up in the Beerburgh prison overnight. Then another founder (again, not naming names) had to try and get his hero to go to Beerburgh and bail them out, and the hero wouldn't listen and ended up in Anville. It was a mess.

On Day 409 g.e., Guild Name had the closest thing to a constitutional crisis, as it was noticed that one person with Guild Points is no longer in Guild Name. We determined quickly and with utmost agility that it is actually totally fine for people who are not in Guild Name to get Guild points, we just have to restrict the rules a bit. As such, anyone in Godville can receive Guild Name guild points, but is not eligible under rules 1, 5, and 7, because that would just be silly. We have added a Guild column to the table. It must be noted that prizes for Guild Points are also available for non Guild Name members, but they will be Guild Name themed.

Crisis averted, and in a Guild Name-consistent manner!

Guild Name Point

Things that can earn guild points:

  1. Posting a successful town influence by private messaging GodEpoch   or GodRugby Jesus  with the information-if you have not friended either of them yet, you can post it in the forum, but there is enough going on in the forum now that influence messages tend to clutter it up.
  2. Recruiting a friend into Guild Name and having them post in the forums that you recruited them.
  3. Being sufficiently hilarious in service of Guild Name
  4. Suggesting ideas for the betterment of Guild Name
  5. Copy/Paste posting a successful cancellation of a quest to join another guild in the forums
  6. Putting a reference to *Guild Name* in your hero's motto
  7. Getting into Godville Times (5 points)

Note: when a member hits 100 points, they will be considered to have reached the achievements "helped enough" and "not worth the effort to continue tracking". They will then receive a place on Guild Name's mini-pantheon of Mediocrity, notified by the phrase "too many" and their rank in said pantheon in parentheses. Until a member takes his or her rightful place on the pantheon, you can find the Guild Point leaderboard at the bottom of the page, as it's very long and scrolling through it is a lot of effort.

Pantheon of Mediocrity

God Name Hero Name Guild Name Points Favorite Cheese Guild Name Motto Day of Achievement
GodYour Ex Girlfriend  Strapping Lad Guild Name too many(1) Boerenkaas Komijnekaas 510 g.e.
GodDumhed  Dumbut Guild Name too many(2) Toe X 525 g.e.
GodShmoozo  Smort - 42 Guild Name too many(3) Venissimo X 547 g.e.
GodBenign Neglect  Who Ru Guild Name too many(4) 554 g.e.
GodEgotrip  Dirty Durden Guild Name too many(5) Järlsberg X 566 g.e.
GodCharona  Brendina Guild Name too many(6) Potkäse Guild Name for Gory 587 g.e.
GodFumanchu888  Fuquay Guild Name too many(7) 602 g.e.

Guild Origins and History

The Founding Era or the Climb to Irrelevance

The legends say that Guild Name was formed at lunch. It was actually formed in the 10 minutes after lunch, as the founders headed back to their "offices" to do "work". This date is generally placed around day 340 g.e. It then took another day before the guild founders' heroes finished their quests, making the founding date day 341 g.e.

However, using archaeological evidence and extrapolated data based on guild growth rates between day 359 g.e. and day 361 g.e. and assuming a linear regression, the number of members on day 341 g.e. would be -101.35, making the guild founding date day 346 g.e. based on a growth of 0.8187 members per hour.

Archaelogical evidence is necessary based on the numbers, because numbers never lie. Are the fallible memories of the founders really more reliable?

There are legends of members who joined before day 346 g.e., such as anyone who has a guild rank that would require more days. This evidence is being considered, but as it conflicts with the very complicated mathematical simulation of the linear regression, either foul play or divine intervention is assumed.

This period, from founding day (whenever that was) until day 362 g.e., is known as the "Climb to Irrelevance".

The Dip

Then came "the Dip", the era where Godville's Unity calculation decided we were too large and started to cut members it did not consider appropriate. From these 321 members, Holy Random culled 75 members, bringing us down to our second low point on day 372 g.e., approximately 246 members. As of this point, Holy Random considered Guild Name's sacrifice to be enough, and began to grant us new members. On day 374 g.e., we were up to 256, suggesting the next age dawned then.

The Age of Uncertainty

This age came to be known as the "Age of Uncertainty", as over this period, Guild Name's Unity and number of members rose very quickly again, but then fluctuated slightly up and down (between two and three percent) every day.

This age has the distinction of being when Guild Name started to gain a foothold in the towns. The townspeople sensed these relative newcomers as non-threatening, and unlike most political figures, the Guild Name members did not promise the world, but they did pay their bills on time, they never talked at the theater, and they never were that jerk who left the pub early leaving friends to pay for all the drinks. However, the "Age of Uncertainty" included the fact that the town influence shifted almost daily as well.

This age also included the period where Guild Name dubbed its first chief masters, a title unbecoming of Guild Name's core democratic values. The paperwork has been prepared to make everyone chief masters, but we're just not sure to whom we should send it.

The Concrete Age

Guild Name had become a mainstay in the ranks of Godville guilds. The guild showed a consistent improvement in town influence, even making it to number 5 on the List of Guild Influences for a short time (due to a glitch in the influence calculation), but settling around place 6 consistently. Guild Name became more and more respected among other guilds, as the guild concept was non-threatening and the guild members spread the joy of being middle-of-the-road throughout the lands. Other guilds began to adapt some of Guild Name's ideas, and the guild became accepted as a Godville mainstay. This age was dubbed "the Concrete Age", due to its steadiness, stability, heavy weight, grey color, and relative affordability.

During "the Concrete Age", Guild Name dubbed its first Advisors, suggesting achieving new ranks to be a convenient way to signify beginnings of new ages in the future. "The Concrete Age" thus began on day 401 g.e. Guild Name still feels slightly uncomfortable about such differentiating and classification as ranks being ascribed to its members, as it just seems a lot of work, but doesn't really feel strongly enough to complain too openly.

Guild Name also was written about in Godville Times twice in the Concrete Age:

No. 181 – WEEKEND GODVILLE- Breaking news: • An epic tapestry named 
“Heroes of the “Guild Name” guild writing a letter to the Godville 
Administrator”, is being exhibited at the Beerburgh museum.
No. 188 - WEEKEND GODVILLE- “The Guild Name” guild invites everyone 
to join a psychedelic study group. Positive implications are guaranteed.

From this, it can be inferred that Guild Name is into writing letters, does not have a negative view of authority, is inclusive, and tends to be active on weekends. It is also of note that by day 412 g.e. in the Godville universe, writing letters is so uncommon as to evoke enough emotion to not only make a tapestry, but also have this tapestry considered epic enough to be categorized "breaking news".

The Era of Participation

Guild Name had established itself as one of the six most influential guilds in Godville, and this without trying to fight any wars or make any enemies. The fourth age began around day 431 g.e., when Guild Name's first few members became Chief Masters. This era was signified by the printing of the first official Guild Name t-shirt, viewable in our gallery below. The recipient, GodEgotrip , will forever be known as the first person to actually get something out of Godville in real life. The era was also signified by GodKnossos 's four-pack, GodShmoozo 's Alpenhörner, the 1000th post on the forum thread (also by GodShmoozo ), and the implementation of the Eye of the Beholder. It was known as the Era of Participation due to the large number of participatory events that occurred during this period, and due to the members' superlative ability to participate with the best of them.

During the Era of Participation, a Guild Name member, GodZulkar , became our first member to participate in the front page of Godville Times on day 443 g.e.:

Kvicca - 21st level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, 
with the motto “The Motto!”, stands at the 85th position in the pantheon 
of gladiatorship under the vigilant supervision of the god Zulkar. She 
is a huge fan of Deville’s pubs.

We are especially proud of her perfectly adequate motto, as well as her progress as a gladiator!

Another participatory event in the Era of Participation was Guild Name's first father/son members to participate, GodRoosta  and GodArkevon .

Guild Name members also participated in liking cheese and classic video games.

The Aged of Cheese

As the dawning of a new era approached, the liking of cheese and the totally unrelated event of the Cheesemonster shedding his secret identity created a sort of dilemma-the Guild Name members knew that they must come up with new criteria for the changing of an age soon, as founders' ranks would soon change very rarely as they grew high enough. To test this out, the last three weeks of the Era of Participation were dubbed "The Aged of Cheese". During this time, Guild Name went a bit cheese-crazy, signs of which still litter the Guild Points table.

Important events in the Aged of Cheese include:

  • The introduction of the Storytellers pantheon
  • Founder GodQueue  being #2 and Founder GodEpoch   being #5 in the Storytellers pantheon on the opening day, day 471 g.e.
  • The voting of GodEpoch   and GodRugby Jesus  to #1 (days 474 and 476 g.e. respectively) in Storytellers
  • Three Guild Name founders being in the top 10 in the Storytellers pantheon (day 476 g.e.)

Day 476 g.e. was the day that the Guild Name founders as well as compatriots GodEwok  and GodSo-what  became cardinals, lending a sense of legitimacy to this crazy experiment and bringing a new era to the galaxy...

The Age of the Telling of Stories

Guild Name founders had become mainstays on the Storytellers pantheon, leading to the suggestion of the new era being themed on this.

This age was marked by the following events:

Guild Name member GodKaren Hickey  made Godville Times on day 498 g.e.:

Caethes Briseis - 17th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “Generic Guild Name motto”, 
stands at the 8th position in the pantheon of creation under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Karen Hickey. 
She is a huge fan of Tradeburg’s pubs.

Guild Name member GodBriguy82171  made Godville Times on day 500 g.e.:

Briguy82171 - 15th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “Thundercats Ho!”, stands at 
the 57th position in the pantheon of creation under the vigilant supervision of the god Briguy82171. We've had many 
reports that a Godvilla has been afraid to make eye contact with him since their last encounter.

Guild Name also made Godville Times on day 519 g.e.:

Astrologers from the “Guild Name” guild reassure us that the future is almost here.

From this, we can infer that Guild Name has astrologers, and like all astrologers, they take cues from someone's behavior to make a statement that may seem eerily true, but is at best an educated guess when one thinks about it. Like Guild Name's meteorologists.

Guild Name member GodXzzwxs  made Godville Times on day 539 g.e.:

Post-it - 22nd-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “Hero awesome. More at 11.”, 
stands at the 19th position in the pantheon of storytellers under the vigilant supervision of the god Xzzwxs. 
His dream is to master the “somersault squatting” skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.

The Third Age

With the following three criteria arbitrarily suggested and met, Guild Name began the next age on day 546 g.e. :

  1. The founders reach the rank of hierarch
  2. GodMTKnife  recruits three new Godvillagers to the guild
  3. the Pantheon of Mediocrity reaches three members

The Third Age was signified by the appearance of the number 3 in almost everything that happened to Guild Name and Guild Name members, such as:

  1. 3rd in Unity quite often
  2. 3 of the top 5 storytellers
  3. 3 of the founders do not have Super in their names
  4. 3rd in influence most of the time
  5. GodShmoozo  separates his laundry into 3 piles: whites, darks, mixed
  6. 3 spaces in all the founders’ names combined
  7. 3 words in GodYour Ex Girlfriend 
  8. GodDumhed   has two words with, you guessed it, 3 spaces each!
  9. Gold fund has been around 30000, which is enough gold to build 30 temples. 3+0=3!
  10. 3 letter L’s in the phrase “Godville Guild Name”
  11. 3 capital letters in GodMTKnife 
  12. 3 words in GodShe Who Meditates 
  13. GodBugBug 's 3-year old is 3 feet tall and weighs 30 (3+0) pounds
  14. 2 sets of 3 rules in the Guild Name code of conduct
  15. GodShe-La , GodBucch , and GodZephurious  have heroes with 3 syllables in their names (and probably many more people)
  16. At the dawn of the Age, GodKaren Hickey  received free cheese in the 3rd to last inventory slot
  17. Guild Name has contributed 3 skill pages to the wiki
  18. 3 Guild Name gods have their own wiki pages
  19. There are 3 images in the Guild Crest
  20. GodKyle Weiss 's hero is classed as the mysterious “Third Sex”
  21. Guild Name had 3 members at the #1 spot in Creation all on the same day
  22. There are 3 guest gods on the guild points sheet with 1 pint
  23. As the Third Age dawned, GodXzzwxs ’s hero chose to promote Guild Name thrice in rapid succession while in Godville.
  24. Cheese begins with the letter ‘C’, which is the third letter in the alphabet
  25. The Third Age Anthem, written by synth minstrel GodKyle Weiss , has 3 lines
  26. There are 27 (3 ^ 3) items in this list
  27. GodShmoozo  kicked off the Third Age by becoming the Third member of the Pantheon of Mediocrity

Perhaps you can find other eerie coincidences during the Third Age?

Guild Name synth minstrel GodKyle Weiss  composed the anthem for the Third Age:

My Guild Name ‘tis of Three

Sweet place of med-i-oc-ri-ty

Of three I sing…

The Third Age also was signified by the first time Guild Name reached #1 in the Pantheon of Arbitrary Mathematics, a.k.a. the Pantheon of Unity. As 1 is 30, this is thus consistent with the age, and it can be then posited with every age. Although we're not putting too much pressure on ourselves.

During the Third Age, Guild Name got its second, third(!), and fourth temples, from GodEpoch  , GodYour Ex Girlfriend  , and GodDumhed  . Their temples, although not the most grandiose or well-visited in the land, at least had toilets that worked and didn't charge an entrance fee, instead relying simply on donations. They were not surrounded by pools of poison or anything else so evocative, but instead were built near a pleasant trout stream.

Guild Name member GodLisaAlexandra  made Godville Times on day 551 g.e.:

LisaAlexandra - 24th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “Got Guild Name?”, 
stands at the 5th position in the pantheon of storytellers under the vigilant supervision of the goddess 
LisaAlexandra. She is deeply gratified by her place in the pantheon and is not planning to give it up any time soon.

Guild Name member GodBoma  made the paper on day 554 g.e.:

Rinoa Heartilly - 27th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “Epic "Guild Name" Motto!”, 
stands at the 89th position in the pantheon of creation under the vigilant supervision of the god Boma. She's asking 
someone to reach the unreachable and report the results via express mail.

Guild Name member GodRaseac  made the paper on day 555 g.e.:

Dellmaker - 26th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “This is a Guild Name plug”, 
stands at the 74th position in the pantheon of creation under the vigilant supervision of the god Raseac. His 
dream is to master the “forced generosity” skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.

Guild Name co-founder GodEpoch   made the paper on day 558 g.e.:

Geoff Burton - 43rd-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “insert "Guild Name" here!”, 
stands at the 5th position in the pantheon of storytellers under the vigilant supervision of the god Epoch. All he 
ever wanted was a little love and affection.

Guild Name member GodKamsly  made the paper on day 561 g.e.:

Jamsly - 27th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “Whatevs... ”, stands at the 55th 
position in the pantheon of creation under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Kamsly. She is a huge fan of 
Herolympus’s pubs.

Guild Name co-founder GodRugby Jesus  made the paper on day 580 g.e.:

Oliver Klosov - 44th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “in Guild Name we trust”, 
stands at the 15th position in the pantheon of storytellers under the vigilant supervision of the god Rugby Jesus. 
All he ever wanted was a little love and affection.

Guild Name member GodMTKnife  made the paper on day 582 g.e.:

Theora - 27th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto “Is your Guild Name cool?”, 
stands at the 1st position in the pantheon of storytellers under the vigilant supervision of the god MTKnife. 
Her dream is to master the “homesickness” skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.

Guild Name member GodBoma  made the paper for the second time on day 585 g.e.:

Rinoa Heartilly - 31st-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto 
“Epic "Guild Name" Motto!”, stands at the 80th position in the pantheon of creation under 
the vigilant supervision of the god Boma. Her dream is to master the “electro-broom” skill 
and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.

Guild Name co-founder GodQueue  made the paper on day 587 g.e.:

Willylowman-barbarian – 45th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the 
motto “Tribbles…are…HOT!”, stands at the 11th position in the pantheon of storytellers under 
the vigilant supervision of the god Queue. His worst enemy – a Bird of Pray. Favorite 
trophy – something that looks like blood diamond. He is also a huge fan of Los Adminos’s pubs.

Guild Name cheesemaker GodLunamoth  was featured in the paper on day 603 g.e.:

Gertrude the Pink - 36th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto 
“Buy Guild Name Cheese! ”, stands at the 41st position in the pantheon of storytellers under 
the vigilant supervision of the goddess Lunamoth. Distinctive features: a reckless disregard 
for danger, and an incredibly high pain threshold caused by repeated exposure to blunt objects.

Guild Name member GodKaren Hickey  made the paper for the second time on day 608 g.e.:

Caethes Briseis - 36th-level adventurer, member of the “Guild Name” guild, with the motto 
“Comedam gilda caseum”, stands at the 14th position in the pantheon of creation under the 
vigilant supervision of the goddess Karen Hickey. Her dream is to master the “cobweb gulp” 
skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.

Guild Science

According to this graph and science, in 6 years we will have over 40,000 members.

Guild Gallery

The Guild Name Guild Gallery is a place where member submitted photos of the gods or heroes can be displayed for the moderate enjoyment of all. It shows that both the gods and heroes have a wide range of interests outside of simple monster slaying and forum posting. Guild images such as crest versions, guild points, failed T-Shirt prints, and other miscellany will also be displayed here for posterity.

Guild Cardinals

Guild Name is not really a guild that holds value in ranks as differentiating value of members. However, we would like to acknowledge our members who have been with us long enough to make Cardinal rank, as we feel it is an achievement worth recognition. This includes higher ranks, designated by (h) for hierarch, (p) for patriarch, (r) for regent, and (!) for prophet. An (i) afterward signifies that the member has gone idle.

Guild Point List

God Name Hero Name Guild Name Points Favorite Cheese Guild Name Motto
GodJ Zezel  Hathorne Guild Name 81 Gruyere
GodGlen--h  Glens-hero Guild Name 62 X
GodSo-what  Princess Skittles (no guild) 12
GodKyarra  Sakura Matou (no guild) 8
GodAlmighty Anybody  Saricha Soldiers of Light and Darkness 1
GodDeamt  Grandt awesomeness 1
GodKnossos  Akilleze Guild Name 80 Gouda
GodMadame Yeti Woman  Leon Dung ℭαmelot ✠ 3
GodBuding  SteveI Guild Name 25
GodDruidstorm  SacredLore League of Donkeys 2
GodSliim  Lolaslimfine (no guild) 1 X
GodEwok  Fantasia Guild Name 32
GodEmberOfDreams  EmberOfDreams Guild Name 11 Provolone X
GodMalaska  Udomax Guild Name 3
GodAlnitak6x7  Roman Polanski Guild Name 30
GodCyclopes  Chaosdevil Guild Name 4
GodSabaku no gaara  Jake Steed Guild Name 14 X
GodMygame  Mychal Guild Name 51
GodEelsnave  Snavelet Guild Name 9 X
GodHolyblonde  ZellMaster Guild Name 24
GodDRAXS  RAXS Guild Name 1 X
GodGoram  Dayr Guild Name 35 String cheese X
GodIlluvatar Eru  Akuba Guild Name 1 X
GodTardelia  Viklas Guild Name 1 X
GodNongatron  Gigantortron (no guild) 3 X
GodZulkar  Kvicca Guild Name 7 X
GodGreedyuna  Vixx Guild Name 51 X
GodRoosta  Eggbert the Ovoid Guild Name 25
GodJarod Cain  Doctor Lynch Guild Name 2
GodRakishiku  A Fallen One Siostra 19
GodLunamoth  Gertrude the Pink Guild Name 15 Hunter’s cheese X
GodLain  Gypsy Sparrow Guild Name 10 Munster
GodArkevon  Caerick wadhurst 1
GodTarsius  Marion Rossenbach Guild Name 71 No Access to Cheese X
GodEpic Ninja  Afro Mr T Jade Butterfly 1 X
GodPittGoose  Ranjit (no guild) 1 X
GodSalaam  SquarerootZ Guild Name 1 X
GodThe Divine Funktion  DisFunktional Guild Name 27 Havarti
GodBogardan  Nollito Guild Name 56 Moon Cheese X
GodAurlord  Leweth Wiki Leagues 10
GodRecodexz  Decodexz Guild Name 27 Brie X
GodShe-La  Shangri Man Guild Name 84 X
GodBelgaleen  Giada Lamour Guild Name 75
GodHelius  Lienus Guild Name 24
GodKaren Hickey  Caethes Briseis Guild Name 24 X
GodMusselini  Cooper Dog Guild Name 31 X
GodSayhuh  Duhhhhhhhh Guild Name 2 X
GodHolyreaper  Cryptkeeper Guild Name 7 X
GodBoma  Rinoa Heartilly Guild Name 67 X
GodLuucyloo  Fairuza Guild Name 37 Limburger X
GodGreat And Powerful Oz  Poloki Del Fred Guild Name 21 Provolone X
GodBriguy82171  Briguy82171 Guild Name 5
GodThe Eternal Spinger  Lympon Guild Name 3 X
GodKyle Weiss  Feklhr Guild Name 52 Donkey X
GodJunglistic  Dubplate Guild Name 8 Cheddar
GodZari  Brutish Guild Name 34 Baked Brie
GodZonytarro  Foolpitier Guild Name 66 Pecorino Romano X
GodBelialevil  Narcisst D34DP00L 3
GodMTKnife  Theora Guild Name 91 Chocolate Cheesecake X
GodBucch  Dante Hicks Guild Name 70 X
GodNos4a2 Thunderpants  DaystriderCushbottom Guild Name 29 English Huntsman
GodMaster of All Things  LatinoLoveSlave Guild Name 3 X
GodShizzledizzle  Captain Shizz Guild Name 24 X
GodMintastic  Cadian Guild Name 6
GodThemius  Salera Guild Name 1
GodZad  Carl Sagan 6 Guild Name 7
GodAshaela  Thandar Guild Name 5
GodShe Who Meditates  She Image Guild Name 39
GodZephurious  Zephyrix Guild Name 67 Mozzarella X
GodCaney  Ted Scheckler Guild Name 3 X
GodA Mediocre Player  Cookie Cutter Guild Name 2 X
GodRomikumu  Helena Handbasket Guild Name 1
GodHovah  JinAlbany Guild Name 20 X
GodMightySore  Oddiseeus Guild Name 4 X
GodMihaela  Miha Ela Clearly Confused 2
GodAdonar  Anval Guild Name 1
GodGeorge Burns  SirLancelott Guild Name 13 X
GodXzzwxs  Post-it Guild Name 27 Burduf
GodStephanie02  Lexy the bold Guild Name 10
GodReesa  NunyaBidNess Guild Name 23 X
GodLisaAlexandra  LisaAlexandra Guild Name 72 Squeaky X
GodFallen Dream  HxC Satan Guild Name 5 X
GodAdamShi  Agon Kaldar Guild Name 41
GodJamieShi  Mitsy Guild Name 14
GodQua-alpha  Klave Guild Name 21
GodSkrymir  Leprosy Guild Name 21
GodMardy Bum  Fierceness Guild Name 19
GodPadmeLupin  Lady Q Guild Name 32 X
GodCryshoff  Jay the Stubborn Guild Name 26 X
GodSparky99  Sparkx99 Guild Name 12
GodRaseac  Dellmaker Guild Name 71 X
GodMorrigan Dahlia  Olav Asveinn Guild Name 36 X
GodTamTamPamela  Rafi Guild Name 2
GodSangwynn  CaptainHummer Guild Name 23 X
GodLester T Almighty  Joe Foo Guild Name 13 X
GodTroyvc  Trefjjgc Guild Name 1
GodBravis  Viktor the Brave Guild Name 1
GodTua Pek Gong  Scynt Guild Name 1
GodKiwifamous  Kiwi1 Guild Name 2 X
GodPumpkin Toes  Jane-O-Lantern Guild Name 29
GodBugBug  Tarae Guild Name 48 X
GodDrawlya  God Damnit Guild Name 4
GodHalpert  Schrute Guild Name 33 X
GodTikigod  Cendi Guild Name 3
GodSun God Apollo  Apolloson Guild Name 2
GodDave-Fischer  Fischer-Dave Guild Name 2 X
GodWalbunk  Reurik Guild Name 10 Provolone X
GodEllanore  Lenorah Guild Name 14 X
GodVidiae  Danglars Guild Name 4
GodKamsly  Jamsly Guild Name 5
GodIntent2smile  SuzyQ Guild Name 7
GodSophiabird  Razy Guild Name 12
GodBishopSmurf  Soylent Pink Guild Name 6 X
GodGookism  Mr high guy Guild Name 4
GodZathrath  LilRunt Guild Name 2
GodMagnificent Tina  The Doctor Donna Guild Name 6
GodIllia  Andonna Guild Name 8
GodJacktheblack  Jacktheblack Guild Name 1
GodAgr8lemon  Mini-lemon Guild Name 1
GodGoBoomGOD  GoBoomGOD Guild Name 3
GodCaiser  Caiser4 ELITES 1
GodMarduk23  Bilgamesh Guild Name 7 X
GodScornchcutter  Tripehound Guild Name 1
GodThanatos1393  Thanatose Guild Name 8 the dairy kind
GodMissCinders  Marie Lettuce Guild Name 1
GodRpg Heaven  Drivonin Guild Name 2 X
GodStefan Alvarado  Braff Guild Name 2 X
GodKaytlin  Cantavan Guild Name 3
GodProsnoopy  Spiro1 Guild Name 1 Blue Cheese & Pepper Jack
GodEccles  Grytpype Thynne Guild Name 1 X
GodQuiksilv26  Quix de Silva Guild Name 1
GodGruntfuttock  The Black Prince Lost Pantheon of Progressive Vikings 1 pint Parmigiano Reggiano
GodGorgeous George  Alextheaverage League of Adjudicators 1 pint Parmaggiano
GodThe Octagon  Dr Kenneth Noisewater League of Adjudicators 1 pint Mini Baby Bel