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On 24 December 2014, Blog Post #84 introduced a new game concept, that of a "guild leader" who can set certain new guild features.

Guilds in Godville are self-sustaining amorphous substances and nobody really knows how they all work, which sometimes could be confusing. It’s time to bring a bit more order to this anarchy. From now on, the guild members will be able to elect a leader via newly created page. All prominent candidates can nominate themselves and fight for the mindshare of the fellow guildmates with mind-blowing campaigns in the Guild Council, forum topic, etc. It’s assumed that the leader will do things for the greater good of the guild, but in case they won’t, the guild members can always impeach them before the end of their term. [1]


To hold an election, a guild must have at least five members ranked Cardinal or above. Guild leaders are selected every three months from candidates ranked Hierarch or above, by a vote of members ranked Cardinal or above. To win, a candidate must be voted for by at least 35% of eligible voters.

To stand for election an eligible member nominates themself while nominations are open. A seven-day countdown begins when the first candidate is nominated.

Once nominations close, members have seven days to vote for their preferred candidate.

Once voting closes, the votes are tallied and the winner is declared. (How ties are resolved is not specified.) The winner is automatically given access to the controls on the Guild Control page.

The Guild Control Page

This is the page opened by the "elections" link on the guild page. What appears depends on whether whether an election is underway, and otherwise whether the member is the leader or not.

If the guild does not have enough senior members to hold an election, the page reports: "Electoral committee is on vacation. The guild needs to have at least five cardinals for electing a leader."

(Note: a test following the above link by a player who was not in any guild displayed the Unity pantheon instead.)

During elections

To nominate, an eligible member clicks the "nominate" link. If the member is ineligible for nomination (not ranked Hierarch or above) or is already nominated, they see only the list of candidates and the "nominate" link does not appear.

To vote, eligible members click the link next to their preferred candidate's name. If a voter changes their mind within the voting period, they can delete their vote by clicking the "-" next to the candidate they voted for. They can then place a new vote for the same or a different candidate.

After elections, for members

Member's Guild Control page in Chrome

The Guild Control page displays the current settings. There is a link allowing members to start the process to impeach the current leader.

  • Guild Council Topic
  • Forum Topic
  • High-level Rank
  • Totem Monster

These settings are discussed in detail in their own sections below. This section is talking about the Guild Control page itself.

The sample page shown at right is for a guild that is in Top 20 in both the Popularity and Duelery Pantheons. Guild Council Topic and Forum Topic have been set.

After elections, for leaders

Leader's Guild Control page in Chrome

The Guild Control page contains the controls that allow the leader to set certain features of the guild.

The sample page shown at left is for a guild that is in Top 20 in both the Popularity and Duelery Pantheons. Forum Topic has already been set and cannot be changed until after the next election.

The Guild Control page contains a box and a button for each feature that can be set. When a new leader opens the Guild Control page, the boxes are empty. The leader fills in the appropriate information for each box and clicks "Set". Before the feature is actually set, a box will appear asking if the leader really wants to set that feature and warning that once set it cannot be undone for a certain period. If the leader cancels at this point, the feature is not set, otherwise it is set.

If a guild is not eligible to set a High-level Rank or a Totem Monster, the guild leader sees the same message for these settings as a guild member. [2]

Guild Leader Responsibility

This is the list of things the guild leader can do. TL;DR? Not a lot.

Guild Council Topic

When the topic is set, a small post will be inserted in Guild Chat advising of this event. The new topic will also be stuck to the top of the guild chat window. To set a topic, enter the topic in the box exactly as you want it to appear, and click "Set". (Maximum 91 characters.)

The Guild Council Topic can be changed once every 24 hours.

There is now a countdown clock which shows how much time is left until the topic can be changed.

Forum Topic

When a Forum Topic is set, a link to that topic - (forum) - appears on the guild page beside the existing (godwiki) link. Clicking the link takes you to the last page of the specified topic.

Typically the Forum Topic will be the guild topic in the Guild Headquarters section of the forums, but in practice the guild leader can choose any existing topic on the forums. The information the leader must enter is the topic number visible in the url, e.g. for "" the leader enters 2550 in the Forum Topic box.

Once set, the Forum Topic can't be changed until the next elections.

High-level Rank

A guild leader can set a new guild rank for the high-ranked members (800 days of membership and more). The new rank should be one 3-12 lower-case letters word (example: "prophet").

Once set, the guild's rank can't be changed until the next elections.

Feature is limited to guilds with at least 5 members ranked "prophet".

Feature additionally limited to the top 20 guilds in the Pantheon of Popularity.

(For the controls to appear it may only be necessary to have once (or recently?) been in the top 20 for Popularity. A guild that was in the top 20 dropped out of the top 20 but the High-level Rank option was still available. However, as that guild did not have five prophets it was unable to set a High-level Rank even though the controls were available.)

Totem Monster

A guild leader can designate a Godville monster to be the guild's totem. A totem monster can be picked from the regular Godville monsters (not strong monsters or bosses).

Once set, it can't be changed until the next elections.

Feature is limited to the top 20 guilds in the Pantheon of Duelery.

If you meet your guild's totem monster it will probably do something nice for you - for example it may give you an artifact, some experience, or an aura.


  • Strong monsters and bosses will be rejected. Take care in selecting your monster as it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a monster is a regular monster or a strong monster. A possible definition of a "strong monster" is one the hero mentions meeting. For example, it jumps out of the bushes shouting "Boo!" or is warming up for a game of squash. [3]
  • Make sure you have the correct spelling. The game will not find it if you spell it wrong, and the error message the game provides is too generic to identify that this is the problem.
  • You can't use a monster that is currently the totem monster for another guild.

Currently the only way to verify that a monster is acceptable is to try to set it. If you succeed, it was acceptable. Let's hope it was the monster you wanted!


Guild members can impeach the guild leader if their decisions don't reflect the opinion of the guild. Members with the cardinal rank (or higher) can vote for early re-elections which will take place if they are supported by more than 45% of all voters.

(Impeachment may result in demotion of the impeached leader to Cardinal rank. A destruction test has yet to be carried out!)