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So, you want to make yourself a Godwiki page!

That's great! The only rules you have to follow when creating your own Goddess or God page on the Godwiki are the Godville Game Rules and the Godville Terms of Service. The Godwiki counts as a part of the game, and the same standards for inappropriate or offensive content apply.

Other than that, you're encouraged to use your Godwiki page for whatever you like. This guideline is intended to offer some helpful advice, and help get you started.

The {{Usergod}} Template

There is a handy template called the Usergod template that is recommended as an easy way to get started with your user page. It allows you to quickly create an attractive table, called an infobox, showing a lot of the key information that Goddesses and Gods want to display on their pages. The Usergod template has a lot of options (the options for templates are called parameters), but to get started, just copy-paste this into your Godwiki page, write in whatever information you want, and save the page. (Please note that the curly brackets {{...}} are important to begin and end the template, and the page won't look as you want without them.) Only parameters you write information for will be shown, so you only need to add what you want.

| title = <!-- A title to place in front of your name. E.g.: God, Goddess, The Great And Powerful -->
| avatar = <!-- The name of an image to represent you. E.g.: Example-simple.png -->
| hero = <!-- The name of your hero. Have a heroine? See next. -->
| heroine = <!-- The name of your heroine. Have a hero? See above. -->
| personality = <!-- Your personality, if you wish to describe it. -->
| gender = <!-- Your gender, if you wish to specify it. -->
| motto = <!-- Your or your hero(ine)'s motto. -->
| guild = <!-- The name of your guild, which will link to the guild's Godwiki page. -->

The template has a lot more ways to add more information, customise it, and add color and style. If you want to learn more, there is both simple and full documentation at the template's page.

One of the things that the Usergod template takes care of is adding your page to the list of Goddess and God pages on the Godwiki. If you don't want to use the Usergod template, but would like your page to appear in this list, then you can do that manually by adding [[Category:Gods]] to the bottom of your page.

Adding a picture to your page

There are a few ways to add a picture to your Godwiki page. Before an image can be used on any page, it has to be uploaded to the Godwiki. If you use the Usergod template above, then it's very easy.

With the Usergod template

In the template quick-start above is this line:

| avatar = <!-- The name of an image to represent you. E.g.: Example-simple.png -->

Putting the name of an image that doesn't exist into this parameter (say, for example, | avatar = MyCoolName's weird avatar.png), will give you a red link to upload that file. Save your page, tap the link, and upload your image... and that's it! The image will appear on your page straight away, if you saved before you went to the upload page. It's a good idea to write a brief description of what you're uploading and where you got it from (Image of a very feathery parrot for use as MyCoolName's avatar image. Original photo taken by me., or something like that), and if you'd like the image to appear in the gallery on the Category:Gods page, then add the [[Category:Gods]] to the image description.

If you forgot to save your Godwiki page before leaving, it's no problem. Just put the name of the file in again, and save. If the image doesn't appear, double-check that you wrote the image name in correctly the second time.

Without the Usergod template

If you chose not to use the template, or you want to add another image, it's not difficult either. You can take a look at the Creators Manual section on Images, or follow these quick steps:

  1. Add something like the following to your page, where you want the image to appear: [[File:MyCoolName's beautiful image.jpg|thumb|Your caption here.]]
  2. Save your page, and you'll see something like the box floating on the right:
    Your caption here.
  3. Tap the red link, and upload your image!

The same advice applies about leaving comments when uploading an image to the wiki, no matter what the image is intended for. Images that aren't used and aren't explained may be deleted without warning. There are a lot of options for how to place, resize, and caption images. If you want a lot more information, take a look at Help:Pictures on Wikipedia.

And... write!

Now, just write whatever you like! About yourself, your Godville achievements, your backstory, your heroine or hero, your forum roleplaying characters, whatever you want. There's a lot of information about formatting and writing on the wiki in the Creators Manual, so that might be a good place to go next.

If you want some inspiration, you can click here to be sent to a random Goddess' or God's page. You can't edit most other user pages (and nobody but you and the Godville Administrators can edit your your User: page), but you can select the "View source" or "Edit" option at the top of any page to look at the wikicode that's been used to make it look the way it does. It's a great way to learn and get ideas for your own Godwiki creativity. When you're editing any page, at the bottom you can also see a complete list of the templates that are used in it, with links to take you to that template's documentation to learn more.

Linking to your Godwiki page

The easiest way to link to your Godwiki page from Godville is to put a link in your chronicles. To do this, you'll need the web address (also called a URL) of your Godwiki page. This is easy to get if you're in a desktop browser, but harder from within the app.

This button.

When you're looking at your Godwiki page in the Godville app, select the "Open..." button in the top right corner of the page (see image). This will open the page in your phone's browser, where it's easy to copy the page address to the clipboard.

Back in your chronicles, you're now ready to make your link. You can put a link into your chronicles using a formatting code: "display text":URL.

So, for example, the code "My Godwiki page": would appear in the chronicle as My Godwiki page, linking to MyCoolName's Godwiki page.

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