Grim Reaper

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Monsters of Godville
Grim Reaper
Torva messor
Class Psychopomp
Habitat Anywhere in Godville
Death Rattle You can't deny the death!
Description Shadow god who wields two daggers

Grim Reaper (Torva messor) is a monster who freely roams in the world. Grim Reaper was once a powerful god. Grim Reaper's favorite place is Oasis of Deadman's Hand.


At the very first, Grim Reaper was working in a place called Solar System, guiding Mercurians, Venusians, Terrans, Martians and Jovians to the afterlife. And then, Afterlife Reincarnation Administration Organization(ARAO) told Grim Reaper to work in Godville. Grim Reaper was very happy to work in Godville. One day, gods have found a way to resurrect their hero, and death became slightly funny. Grim Reaper was very angry. After that, heroes have found an aura called Aura of reviving. Grim Reaper became outraged. But there's the last thing that made Grim Reaper opposed to gods. The gods had ordered Grim Reaper to bring their heroes back to life if they have died for 24 hours. That explain the reason why heroes revive themselves if they died for 24 hours.

Everything about Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper is a very dangerous and cunning monster, or a god, we don't know which one it is. Grim Reaper waits for a heroine at the roadside like other monsters. But we didn't mention the word cunning for no reason. Grim Reaper imposts itself as a normal hero and sneak into towns and taverns to kill the heroes. Of course, it's plans always failed. Grim Reaper is more intelligent than any heroine. So it used it's powers to pretend that it has a god just like other heroines. Did that plan worked? The answer is "No!". Some intelligent heroines(who are intelligent enough to know that gods can only perform miracles if they finished their temples) have saw Grim Reaper's god performing miracles without a temple. They asked Grim Reaper about that and people found out it was Grim Reaper. So, be careful. Grim Reaper can even impost as your friend.

Strategies for dealing with Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper can impost as other people so don't talk with strangers. Make a secret password with your friends and greet yourselves with that password to find out if Grim Reaper has imposted as your friend. Make the password long and meaningless to prevent Grim Reaper to get the password by brute force or dictionary attacks. Use passwords such as "Wakanda Forever" "Avengers Disassemble" or "Blah Blah Blah". Important: If you are going to greet your friend with a password, make sure that you and your friend say the password at the same time. If Grim Reaper is imposted as your friend and you say the password earlier, it will greet you back with that password. When you and a stranger are alone in a place such as a dark alley or something, power on your diary(Diary is the only way for your god to know what's happening to you). After you power on the diary, change your diary to recording mode (default mode is writing mode). Recording mode will record every sounds into word in your diary. So, you can call your god by just yelling "Help!". Note: If you have time, read a prayer or sacrifice something to give your god some godpower so that you will be able to get more divine help from above.



  • Can control the darkness
  • Rule the realm of death
  • Very powerful
  • Can use a power similar to godpower
  • Very scary, for thanatophobic heroes


  • Heroine's courage
  • Doesn't like to kill
  • Wanting to stay peacefully forever
  • Very rare
  • Goddesses can resurrect their heroine if they died