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Green Kirby
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The history of Popstar – what it was before today.

The Old Age

In Ancient Popstar, the land was wild, and villages and cities were few and far between. It was the only populated continent on the whole planet, which had no name. Popstar was divided into seven districts, ruled by powerful beings, the Seven Kirbys. Nicknamed the Lucky Seven, they together ruled all the land, and for the most part, there was peace and prosperity.

The Age of Disaster

Then the Disaster struck. Strange sickness spread through all of Popstar, and fierce storms ravaged the peaceful land. Earthquakes and tsunamis were common along the coasts. Some districts were struck with tornados and thunderstorms, while others faced dust storms and drought. Floods and fires destroyed all seven districts, leaving almost no surviving civilization. All but two of the Seven Kirbys were killed during the Disaster, which lasted for four years.

The New Age

The few villages and cities that survived the Disaster regrouped and moved in to the center of the continent, into the third and fourth districts. The two surviving Kirbys led the remaining people, and struggled to bring back the peace from the Old Age. Over the next few years, the prosperity slowly returned as the earth healed, and by the end of the New Age, Popstar was almost the same as it was before the Disaster.

The Age of Expansion

With the continent fully restored to its former glory, the population quickly started to grow. People moved out from the center districts and re-inhabited the old abandoned outer districts, adopting new rulers and kings. One of the remaining Seven died peacefully, and the other realized that he was no longer needed. The last Kirby left Popstar to find new adventures, where he could discover new things and find new friends. He currently lives as a hero in Godville, where he now belongs. As for Popstar, the population kept growing, and eventually people set out across the oceans to look for new land. They discovered new un-inhabited continents, and by the end of the Age of Expansion, the entire planet was filled with people, and they named it after the original continent, Popstar.

New Popstar

Today, Popstar is a modernized continent, and was renamed New Popstar for its many technical advances. New Popstar is full of tourism sites, and is still the most populated continent in Popstar. (A map of Popstar will be up soon.)