Green Dragons

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The green dragons are not wildly known yet they are one of the youngest guilds in godville. They are a guild that will accept anyone that needs a guild to call there own.they are a strong hero guild that fight to protect and help those in need so they can spread the green dragon words of wisdom. once part of the green dragons you have a choice to leave or stay they will not force you to do any thing you don't want to. free minded aend spirited to any and all. the green dragons originated there name from the ancient dragon wars in godville. when rhetorically red dragons were going to make planes for making the world void of humans only a few dragons fought to protect mankind. the humans and green dragons fought together to win the war a great batle erupted to determined the fate of mankind. the battle lasted for days many dragons and humans lost there lives but all in the hope of ever lasting freedom of mankind.that's how the green green dragons were born as a promise to remember what they have done for human civilization