Grayscaled Dragon

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Monsters of Godville
Grayscaled Dragon
Class Dragon
Habitat Mountains
Description Large, grey, evil fire-breather

One of the most feared monsters in all of Godville. This creature is powerful enough to demolish hundreds of villages in a day. Heroes that encounter this beast are said to wet their pants times before actually reacting. The roar of this beast is also said to foretell disaster. Heroes use it to foretell their deaths. The Grayscaled Dragon is coated in over 50 shades of gray scales. The scales are shiny and metallic-like. It is about 60 feet tall and 50 feet long and an adult weighs around 100 tons. It has a muscular build and can carry objects and monsters twice its size as it soars through the air. The scales are harder than steel, but when exposed, the skin is as soft as a baby's butt. Because of this, dead Dragons make some of the best armor. The dragon's claws are able to slice through any material known to man. However, only they can scratch the surface of another Grayscaled Dragon's hide. Claws make expensive, but powerful swords. Other than that, they look like regular dragons.


  • Ability to fly.
  • Teeth like swords.
  • Claws like scythes.
  • Fiery Snot and breath.
  • It can hold its breath for half an hour, so it can hide in a deep ocean.
  • Poison tipped claws


  • On its left breast it's missing a scale. This has been classified as a genetic mutation. Heroes usually aim for that spot.
  • Painting it makes it weaker, as the paint chemicals seep through the scales to the skin, and then to the bloodstream. However, it takes a lot of paint to weaken it significantly, and when you're close enough to start you'd already be roasted.
  • You can easily avoid it hiding in greens, because it's colorblind.
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