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|caption = Say, "Ahhhh".
|caption = Smile, because it confuses people.  
|class = Humanoid
|class = Sociopath
|habitat =  
|habitat = Slum
|description =  
|description = Beware of jokes

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Monsters of Godville
Gore-to-Gore Salesman
Smile, because it confuses people.
Class Sociopath
Habitat Slum
Description Beware of jokes

Eventually came a time when Arthur Fleck had no choice but to

trust his own guts and eventually led to his discovery of salesory

the manipulation of minds leading to death and misery as a

master of negative thoughts he created the gore epidemic a

looping mind manipulative salesory enabling him to create a

vortex of infinite possibilities and thus he was knowned as the

menacing "Gore-to-Gore Salesman"