Gopher wood

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Gopher Wood, also known as Logs, Ark Wood or simply Wood is a rare and expensive type of timber, used by heroes who have completed their temple to make arks. The reason this kind of wood, rather than regular wood, is used is due to the heroes' gullibility. Ancient manuscripts of questionable reliability dictate that ordinary wood is unsuitable for an ark. It is widely suspected that this was in fact written to help keep heroes out of town longer. There are three ways to collect these rare logs:

  1. Upon returning to their temple, heroes may find that a log has been left there as a gift.
  2. Upon completing an epic quest heroes may be rewarded with one to seven logs.
  3. The treasury of a dungeon often contains logs.

It takes 1,000 logs to complete an ark. As heroes get closer to this goal, they climb up the ranks of the Pantheon of Arkeology.