Good Night Knight

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Good Night Knight hails from the world of Andara. Specifically from the grand city of mystics, known as Eorieon. He wasn't always a good knight. In fact he wasn't always a knight. He began his life roaming the streets of Eorieon, looking for trouble. Trouble amongst the rival initiate mages and their constant competition for success.

Good Night Knight
Good Night Knight Interaction.gif
Champion of the God: Is Watching You
Personality: Present
Gender: Male
Level: 17
Motto: "This won't end well."
Guild: Blue Feather
Guild Rank: Secret Member
Guild Position: Upright
Wins / Losses: 0 / 0
Temple Completion Date: [Construction Zone]
Pet Type: Nope
Pet Name: N/A
Pet Level: N/A
Pet Healing Count: N/A
Favorite Town: 0
Largest Ever Gold: 26,350
Most Hated Monster: Late Knight
Personal Rival: Himself

There's more, I promise.

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