Golden LEGO brick

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Artifacts of Godville
Golden LEGO brick
Type 🧷Normal
Description Do NOT step on it.

The Golden LEGO brick is an artifact that could be used to build something, if you have more than one of them as well as the time, energy, and imagination to build something with it.

This item is available in its very own jewelry-type box for display and carrying around. Heroes will often mistake this artifact for a gold brick until the hero tries to put it on their temple, at which time they will notice it does not actually fit into temple grid based on its small size.

After realizing this, they will take it to the local shop and sell it for whatever they can get out of desperation. After having stepped on it a few times when it was laying on the floor and having cried the well-known tears of agony of de-feeted LEGO-stepper-onners everywhere.