Golden Fish

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Beasties of Godville
Golden Fish
Piscis Aureum
Golden Fish.jpeg
Class Aquatic
Habitat Warm waters
Description A swimming legend
Type Double-Named
Strength Level 5: 50+ HP

The Golden Fish is a Beastie that a hero may find while sailing.

The sunken fisher

There is an old tale that, if you catch a Golden Fish, they may grant you all your wishes. Many foolish heroines will try to catch one. They dislike being captured and will break the ark or die trying. The tale is as follows:

There was a fisherwoman in Godville. She was so poor that she had to boil the same teabag thrice a day. One day she sailed into the Mainstream looking for fishes to catch, she cast her net into the roaring waters. When the catch was pulled into the boat she catched a glimpse of gold, hiding in the writhing mess of gasping fishes, she sank her hand up until the elbow to pull out a Golden Fish. The fish struggled to break free but as they saw that the fisher's hands would not falter, the creature promised to fulfill all her wishes in order to be liberated. She agreed and wished for a bag of coins, then another, a dozen, a hundred, a thousand... In the end the boat sank in gold and the fish ran away free once again.

Heroes often stop listening after the wishes part and ignore that this is a cautionary tale, not only about greed but also avoiding these monsters.

Float On

Many people wonder how a fish made of solid gold can float around as if it were made of flesh. The answer, although anticlimatic, is just magic. Some biologists have theorised otherwise but alas no living specimen has been snatched, yet.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Made out of solid gold
  • Will fight fiercely for their life
  • Will certainly escape


  • Really sought after
  • Easy to spot
  • Doesn't know how to fight
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