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Gold coins are the currency of Godville.

Usually abbreviated to 'gold', a hero can acquire it in many ways. They can dig for it, find it in the corpses of monsters, win it in duels and get it in a multitude of other different ways. A hero can use their wealth to purchase Equipment for themselves, for money makes the world go round. Once a hero has over 3000 Gold coins, they can forge a shiny new Gold brick for their god's Temple with a little help from their god. After a hero has made a full temple (a value of 3,000,000 coins), 10,000 coins can be donated at the alter for experience growths.

The pantheon of greed is where the heroes are ranked for their wealth. The greediest heroes who own the mightiest bank accounts appear near the top of this pantheon's rankings, but it is notoriously hard to stay there, for heroes are always spending their hard-earned cash in order to buy themselves better equipment to give themselves a better chance in Duels.


The physical attributes of gold coins are as follows:

  • Weight: 12.37 grams
  • Volume: 0.6409 cm3
  • Thickness: 1.85 mm
  • Diameter: 21 mm

The above numbers have been calculated as follows: Since 3,000 gold coins can be melted down into one gold brick and one gold brick weighs 37,110.04 g,[1] the weight of one gold coin is approximately 12.37 g (calculated as 37,110.04 g/gold brick / 3000 gold coins/gold brick).

The density of gold is 19.30 g/cm3, so to find the volume of one coin we divide 12.37 g by 19.30 g/cm3 to give us a volume of approximately 0.6409 cm3.

Note: using the diameter and height to calculate the volume of the coin will yield a volume of .6407482 cm3. The actual volume differs due to the ridges on the edge and the imprint of the coin.

The 0.64 cm3 volume, 21 mm diameter, and 1.85 mm height of a Godville coin is very similar to the following:

  • United States 5 cent coin (nickle) (0.69 cm3 and 21.21 mm x 1.95 mm)
  • British 5 pence coin (0.61 cm3 and 21.4 mm x 1.7 mm)
  • Euro 5 cent coin (0.59 cm3 and 21.25 mm x 1.67 mm)