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A brick composed of pure gold

Gold bricks are one of the most valuable items a hero can find. Only these are used to build temples. For a complete Temple, a hero needs 1000 of these rarities.

How to obtain

There's a multitude of ways the hero can obtain a gold brick:

Why Gold?

Advantages for Heroes

Gold is considered the holiest of materials, though not the rarest, and has been since the beginning of civilisation. It is very unreactive (it's a noble metal) and so can stand up to the might of the elements (nobody wants their temple to fall down). It is also the most malleable and ductile of all metals making it easy to shape it into bricks. The only downside is that gold tends to be very expensive and golden bricks even more so. However, over the years many heroes have gone against their god's wishes and decided that the best material for the bricks of their temple should be platinum since it is rarer. Other heroes have used lead since it is heavier and harder to knock down. There is the rare breed of hero who has used the same logic, but gone one step further and used uranium. These Uranium temples, formed from the heaviest naturally occurring element, are not much use as after 4.47 billion years, half of the temple has become lead and they are back to square one again. There is also the side effect of radioactivity which heroes don't have any knowledge of but since gods resurrect their heroes almost routinely, this usually fatal effect is negated. There is a famous story of one hero who decided to build their temple out of the rarest material they could find in order to honour their god sufficiently. Unfortunately, this turned out to be tritium and so the temple merely diffused into the environment before it could be fully assembled. It is for these reasons that heroes normally tend to use gold. Clever heroes actually alloy their gold bricks with nickel as this makes them a lot tougher and so provides further support for the temple.

Advantages for Gods

Why have Gods ordered their heroes to undertake such a hard task as to collect bricks made of gold? For evil gods, it is because they wish their heroes to suffer as much as possible yet complete the task eventually so that their hero is the best. There are plenty of sensible reasons for choosing gold as the primary temple building material though. For a start, gold is nicely reflective making it extremely easy for gods to see their shiny temples from way up high in the sky. Gold is renowned for it's electrical conductivity too which makes it a prime candidate for conducting divine thunderbolts to misbehaving heroes trying to hide in their temples. One of the main reasons though is that gold has the relatively low melting point of 1064.18 degrees Celsius enabling gods to easily melt the gold coins heroes collect into the bricks they need for their temple. This gives the gold coins another use apart from being currency, which makes for added productivity.

About Gold

Gold's electron arrangement

Symbol: Au (from the latin Aurium)

Atomic number: 79

Atomic mass: 196.996569 gmol^-1

Electronegativity: 2.54 (Pauling Scale)

Element Category: Transition metal


  1. The actual price fluctuates, depending on the current market price of gold bricks (can be seen in the 'Market Quotes' section of the Godville Times) and the place of purchase; about 2200 coins was the lowest price ever observed so far.
  2. The rumor is that the likelihood of gold brick purchase increases the more gold the hero has, but that was not reliably confirmed.