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A brick composed of pure gold

Gold bricks are one of the most valuable items a hero can find. Only these are used to build temples. For a complete Temple, a hero needs 1000 of these rarities.

How to obtain

There's a multitude of ways the hero can obtain a gold brick:

  • purchase one from a trader when the hero has enough gold (~~ 2700 or more coins, depending on the current market price of gold bricks) and desire to buy one (over which god has no influence);
  • receive one for completing the quest;
  • randomly (but rarely) have one fall from the sky with an inscribed message from the god;
  • find one when digging for treasure;
  • as a prize for winning in Arena Duel;
  • capture it from the defeated hero in a skirmish;
  • randomly find one inside Deus ex machine, Box with a question mark or Pandora's box
  • have one magically forged from 3000 Gold coins through god's Influence.

Why Gold?

Gold is considered the holiest of materials, though not the rarest, and has been since the beginning of civilisation. It is very unreactive (it's a noble metal) and so can stand up to the might of the elements (nobody wants their temple to fall down). It is also the most malleable and ductile of all metals making it easy to shape it into bricks. The only downside is that gold tends to very expensive and golden bricks even more so.

About Gold

Symbol: Au (from the latin Aurium)

Atomic number: 79

Atomic mass: 196.996569 gmol^-1

Electronegativity: 2.54 (Pauling Scale)

Element Category: Transition metal

Gold's electron arrangement