Goggles of holy vision

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Equipment of Godville
Goggles of holy vision
Worn 🧢Head
Durability +15
Description Unknown

The first version of those goggles were supposed to allow heroes to see the world through the eyes of their god. However, witnessing the amount of work needed by their gods to keep them on track (or merely alive in the worst cases) drove heroes insane, with a noted peak of mental breakdown near taverns which heroes described as being covered with signs saying "No", "Too distracting" or the dreaded "No beer for you, Hero".

A new version was quickly created, adding a "Holy Vision" (actually a blurry filter and cranked up luminosity). They now go blank near taverns and give "suggested encouragement" when they think the right way (the gods way). Gods need to remember that heroes will still have free will. They help heroes see monsters coming in front of them. They still won't see monsters coming from behind or up from holes. Whether this new version is better or not is still debated. Most gods in favor of the "This is worse" side of the conversation.

Disclaimer: As usual the Trader denies any warranty written, implied or imagined. Heroes may seem to be punished more often when they choose to ignore the "suggested encouragement" however, this is not the case.