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Template:TOC-Right Godwiki is created by the gods of Godville.


Category:Gameplay – 'Being a god - 101'. These articles describe main objects of the game, their function and purpose in the game and how they are related to other parts of Godville.[1]

This category includes not only articles, but other categories as well. For example, Hero article is also included in Hero|Heroes, Monster article - Monsters etc.

Around the Hero

The world of Godville is not available to gods unless they have at least one hero. The page that includes various information about the hero is the first page the god sees, probably for longest periods of time.

While gods is still looking around try to understand where he is, hero already rushes to his first quest - this will be the main of occupation for whole hero's life. Quest do not depend on hero's level and after some time they will start to repeat. Some of the them make strong impression on heroes (or rather gods). For these occasions we have.

Starting from level 15, heroes will start to acquire special skills (every 3rd level up, until it get 10 of them). The Category:Skills category is for the articles describing various skills a hero might have.

Things and Creatures

It's simply impossible to progress a quest and not run by on a monster. Heroes will fight the monsters most of the time they encounter them.
The descriptions of monsters go into [[:Category:Monsters] category.

As a result of interaction with a monster heroes acquire artifacts. Some of the articles are better than others, and some might even get described in the Category:Artifacts category. Expensive artifacts might find they place here: Category:Bold Artifacts. Some very rare artifacts are especially valuable, because they can be activated. Description for those artifacts goes into Category:Activatable Artifacts.


Once hero reaches level 12, he start looking for like-minded persons in various Guilds
God, however, might start thinking about that much earlier, and the articles in Category:Guilds category might be helpful for that.

The articles in this category are advised to include following information about the guild:

What the guild stands for, its goals, methods or justification of the lack thereof. The guild's history (or the legend of creation), description of the guild's headquaters, guild's motto, anthem or crest.

Category:Pantheons Articles in this category describes various pantheons that are exist in Godville


Category:Technical – various technical information, descriptions for software additions to Godville, etc

Under the hood

Category:Under the hood – additional information on how it all really words, history of updates, biography of the creators and other interesting things not directly related to the game.

  1. Game objects, items, definitions are the entities referenced in the hero's diary and on the "hero" page.