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Second ever publication of the paper

The Godville Times is the official newspaper of Godville. It doesn't give much useful information, although it does have wanted information on monsters and artifacts, as well as the current prices of godville invites and gold bricks and the daily forecast. It also allows readers to gain some rewards through the crossword and bingo. It can be viewed even to people without a godville account at godvillegame.com/news although an account is required to play the bingo and crossword.



Well, the newspaper has to make money somehow, or it can't keep going! Also randomly selected daily things like the 'breaking news' section.


The bingo is a grid with 3 or four letters in each cell. It is played by clicking the "Show Inventory" button to show the contents of the hero's inventory. If there are any artifacts in the heroes inventory whose names contain a sequence of letters in the grid, then the player may click "Extract from Inventory" to fill the appropriate cells. (e.g. a cell with "gen" in it could be filled by a Portable photon generator or Generic goodness in a bottle) This removes the artifacts from the heroes inventory.

If the artifact is a regular one, this is worth 2 points. Filling a cell with a bold artifact is worth 3 points, if it's an activatable artifact it is worth 4. If this results in a row or collum being completely filled, then it is worth an extra 5 points, and filling the grid is worth an extra 10 points.

The extract button can only used three times per day. After that, the hero is rewarded with gold coins. The top 100 players will be published in the next issue of the godville times.

Breaking News

News relating to the game. This is the best source of gossip known. This is updated daily, automatically, and varies from the special mention of guilds for their particularly original names and great achievements to news on certain in-game towns declaring something of some controversy. These are selected randomly and work like entries in the hero's diary. At the moment, the 'news for the newspaper' section in the ideabox is unavailable, so there have not been many new articles. As such, the breaking news gets boring quickly.

Broken News

The 'breaking news' from the day before. No longer included.

Buy and Sell

This is the best source of information on the markets. Hints on the changing prices of randomly selected artifacts appear here although it is unknown if they actually correlate to actual in-game things.


After a god completes a crossword, the god's hero will receive an aura. The sooner a god solves the crossword, the better the aura.

For those having trouble completing the crossword without assistance, this forum thread often contains hints. Additionally, the lists of Artifacts, Auras, Equipment, Monsters, Boss-Monsters, Skills, and Towns may provide some assistance in finding a correct answer. If an answer looks correct, but is not, a god may wish to replace a space with a hyphen or an underscore. Hyphens and underscores are also regularly found between the first and second words of three word answers. Lastly, if all else fails, use a crossword helping website like http://www.crosswordsolver.org might help.

The first god to complete the crossword for each issue of the Godville Times receives an aura of about 5 hours. Each subsequent crossword completion will receive an aura with a duration of about 10-15 minutes less than the previous. The time will decrease until the minimum, which is typically 40 minutes. This occurs sometime after the 20th solution or so. Note: Special days of double length auras and half length auras as noted in the Daily Forecast section of the Godville Times do also affect the crossword reward auras.

Daily Forecast

The random facts we people have known for years can change on a daily basis. The daily forecast is a must read for all gods to see how best to interact with the heroes. Forecasts have included accumulator charge restoring 70% of godpower, activatable artifacts being worth much more or less than usual, boss-monsters moving closer to the surface (so that digging is more likely to reveal them), all monsters carrying something of value, and increased chances of heroes getting an unexpected epic quest.

Famous Heroes of Godville

Two heroes appear here listing some of their achievements. It is not known whether the Godville Administrator selects heroes for this section or whether the selection is left to The Great Random. Generally, famous heroes of Godville tend to be within the top 200 of a short term or long term pantheon. In prior editions, a god would receive a private message notifying that the god's hero would appear, or has appeared, in an edition of the Godville Times. After repeated attempts at this, and an eventual realization that gods know everything already, this practice stopped.

Forum News

A list of the latest commented threads in the forums (also updated automatically in real time).

Front Page

A small paragraph on a feature of the game. This tends to be the introduction paragraph of an article from the Godwiki and clicking the title links to the article itself. These are randomly selected from some preset ones just like the entries of a hero's diary. This section changes daily automatically.

Game news

This is just a list of the latest entries from the blog of the admin so it automatically updates to show this.

Godpower Capacitor

The godpower capacitor at 25%

The godpower capacitor is a communal godpower supply for all of godville. The value in the capacitor slowly increases over time, each god can press the "discharge" button once a day to gain the amount of godpower currently in the capacitor. Doing this resets the capacitor to 0%, unless Laplandville is open, in which case it is reset to 25%.

Guild popularity in...

A statement of the top 9 guilds holdings for each town.

Ideabox News

A list of articles involving the Ideabox. This list includes articles about the number of ideas in the Ideabox or the enhancement room and the people who may have rated ideas recently.

Letters from our readers

The latest comments written by players that were posted on the Godville twitter feed are displayed here (automatically update in real time). No longer included.

Market Quotes

The stock market of Godville. Actual prices of special things appear here along with the percentage increase/decrease from the day before. At the moment only the prices for Gold bricks (the buying price in Gold) and Invites to Godville (the selling price in Gold) are displayed. In the opinions of many, this is the only useful section in the whole of the godville times as the rest is trivial.


Posts of monsters with bounties on them and the sweet rewards received along with the number turned in.

Back Issues

Selected back issues of the Godville Times may be found at the Internet Archive Way Back Machine.