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Second ever publication of the paper

The Godville Times is the official newspaper of Godville and is a fun little time-waster for those with nothing to do since it provides no useful information at the moment apart from the stockmarkets of godville.

Godville times


  • Front Page

A small paragraph on a feature of the game. This tends to be the introduction paragraph of an article from the Godwiki and clicking the title links to the article itself. These are randomly selected from some preset ones just like the entries of a hero's diary. This section changes daily automatically.

  • Game news

This is just a list of the latest entries from the blog of the admin so it automatically updates to show this.

  • Heroes of Godville

Randomly selected heroes appear here listing some of their achievements. It is not known whether admins ever manually select heroes for this section ever.

  • Buy and Sell

This is the best source of information on the markets. Hints on the changing prices of randomly selected artifacts appear here although it is unknown if they actually correlate to actual in-game things.

  • Breaking News

News relating to the game. This is the best source of gossip known. This is updated daily, automatically, and varies from the special mention of guilds for their particularly original names and great achievements to news on certain in-game towns declaring something of some controversy. These are selected randomly and work like entries in the hero's diary and at the moment there are hardly any 'news for the newspaper' (as the section for these is called in the ideabox) so this gets boring quickly.

  • Broken News

The 'breaking news' from the day before.

  • Forum News

A list of the latest commented threads in the forum (also updated automtically in real time).

  • Market Quotes

The stock market of Godville. Actual prices of special things appear here along with the percentage increase/decrease from the day before. At the moment only the prices for Gold bricks (the buying price in Gold) and invitations to Godville (the selling price in Gold) are displayed. In the opinions of many, this is the only useful section in the whole of the godville times as the rest is trivial.

  • Letters from our readers

The latest comments written by players that were posted on the Godville twitter feed are displayed here (automatically update in real time).

  • Ads

Well the newspaper has to make money somehow or it cant keep going! Also randomly selected daily like the 'breaking news' section.