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Creatures of Unimaginable power that wander the land. These are the creaturs that created the realm of Godville. Nearly unbeatable by any normal means, they are to be feared and avoided at all cost, that is if you like this game. Some heroes have tried to use experimental ways to defeat them, but all have failed miserably.


In the beginning, there was nothing. Spontaneously, beings appeared as if from another world. They began building mountains and shaping the terrain. These allpowerful beings were called Godville administrators for their creation. The administrators then reached out to other beings of their world and they were called gods. While the administrators created Godville, the gods created heroes. The heroes were rather dim witted yet strong creatures and did the gods bidding. The administrators created pantheons to record the greatness of this new world. Everyday the gods and administrators hold a gathering where new ideas for the future of Godville are brought together. Next came the great arena where gods may send their heroes to fight for glory and wealth. The administrators are constantly expanding Godville they watchover and guide us through the good and bad days.


  • Ability to warp reality to their will.


  • None known as they are holding all the cards.