Godville Administrator

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Godville Administrator
Demiurgus universus
Strong Monster
Class Supreme being
Habitat Everywhere
Artifact Invite to Godville
Wanted on Day 1694 g.e.
Description Giant anthropomorphic beings with great power

The Godville Administrator (Demiurgus universus) is a monster of unimaginable power that wanders the land. When defeated, it will drop an Invite to Godville. When befriended, it will instead give a Broken invite or a Surprising invite.


These are the creatures that created the realm of Godville. Nearly unbeatable by any normal means, they are to be feared and avoided at all costs -- that is, if you like living in this world. Some heroes have tried to use experimental ways to defeat them, but all have failed miserably. The only proven method of defeating it is a clean stab through its heart; naturally the hero needs a massive stroke of luck, but it can be done!

Usually even after defeating it, it still doesn't die but instead gives up its loot and takes note of the hero or heroine who defeated it to take revenge later on once they recover their power.

But some Godville Administrators have become so old and weak that when finally defeated, shrivel up and die leaving with a boom due to a divine being dying. This tends to cause the universe of Godville itself to end but thanks to the gods and goddesses who work together to repair the broken balance, it doesn't.

!Hero's Diary
06:05 PM On the bright side, I have a new invite to Godville. On the dark side, all that talk about killing the Godville Administrator doing irreparable damage to the fabric of space-time was true. Cosmic things are more up your alley though, so I'll leave you to fix that.

!Hero's Diary
05:21 AM Made a bet with the Godville Administrator about its immortality. It killed itself. I won an invite to Godville and 158 gold coins.

A Godville Administrator egg

On occasion, the Godville Administrator has been known to lay an egg or a few eggs at a time. These eggs are known throughout the land for their beauty and intricate detail. To protect these modern Godville treasures, heroes are assigned the quest to Take care of a Godville Administrator's egg until it hatches.


In the beginning, there was nothing. Spontaneously, beings appeared as if from another world. They began building mountains and shaping the terrain. These all powerful beings were called Godville Administrators for their creation. The Administrators then reached out to other beings of their world and they were called gods. While the Administrators created Godville, the gods created heroes. The heroes were rather dim-witted, yet strong creatures, and did the gods' bidding. The Administrators created pantheons to record the greatness of this new world. Everyday the gods and Administrators hold a gathering where new ideas for the future of Godville are brought together. Next came the great arena where gods may send their heroes to fight for glory and wealth. The Administrators are constantly expanding the world of Godville they watch over, and guide the gods through both good and bad days.

More of the Administrator's history can be seen in the Los Adminos article.



  • Ability to warp reality to their will.
  • Carry shields made of firewall material.
  • Infinite knowledge of the mechanics of the universe.
  • Immune to cold; in fact, increased cold appears to make them battle even more ferociously.


  • With great power comes great pride; the Administrator believes in its own invincibility.
  • Clean stab through its heart, if the hero can manage to locate it.
  • Mutated viruses can seep through cracks in their armor.
  • Occasionally distracted by candy bars, 44oz Big Gulps and potato chips.
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