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| habitat = Urban Areas
| habitat = Urban Areas
| description = Generic villain
| description = Generic villain

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Monsters of Godville
Class Humanoid
Habitat Urban Areas
Description Generic villain

The Godvillain is a human who simply wants to see Godville in ruins. They were once regular Heroes, but hated being treated as pawns. They disobeyed their God and started burning houses, robbing banks, and going to jail. As a result, their Gods left these corrupted beings. They have some similarities as an Antihero, which is why the two sometimes work together.

The Godvillain has no home due to his reputation. They wander in search of abandoned shacks or cottages. Some make their homes in caves. They typically live near Towns to steal supplies at night.


  • Hatred gives it power
  • They are extreamly strong due to working out vigorously
  • They know all of a normal Hero's strengths and weaknesses


  • They are nocturnal, so attacking them in the day can help
  • Have no armor due to poverty
  • Huge muscles make them slow movers
  • They are not very smart. Easily confused